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Overlanding Spain, exploration and camping through southern Spain and Andalucia


Budget overlanding, getting started with a minimalistic set up and budget 4×4


Back to nature, family overlanding and enjoying the outdoors from a different perspective


Our mission is to inspire families to discover their adventurous side and get outdoors. This site was created to share our story and also provide resources on camping and overlanding within Spain providing tips, advice and tutorials all related to 4×4 camping on a budget.

the shogun project

Building the adventure

Find out why we chose a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport for our first overlanding project…

They say the best 4×4 for overlanding is the one you already have – that is if you have one! Our choice of vehicle had to be budget friendly as well as more than capable off road and as a daily driver. 

In 2020 after relentless searching we finaly imported our Mitsubishi from the UK to Spain and the project came alive.

Find out why we imported, the process of registration and the beginnings of our overland build, we detail everything from the big jobs to the smallest with budget in mind and main goal of acheiving functionality and simply getting out there!

Petromax FK2 Fire Kettle Review

Petromax FK2 Fire Kettle Review

Petromax FK2 Fire Kettle - Gear without gas and why we chose it as a primary tool for heating water on the go

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How a Stroke Changed my Life – My Story

How a Stroke Changed my Life – My Story

How a Stroke Changed my Life Up until Wednesday 20th April 2022 I had not been in hospital for nearly 40 years, sure I'd been in hospital to visit people…

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LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights

LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights

LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights You can never have too many light sources when you venture outdoors for a camping trip or overlanding adventure. Being reliant on your rig is…

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Countryside Driving Restrictions in Spain

Countryside Driving Restrictions in Spain

Driving in wooded areas in rural Spain is prohibited during the summer months from June 1 - Oct 15 there is a total ban on the circulation of motor vehicles…

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k90 overland spain

Overlanding Spain

mountains & campo

Join us out and about in rural Spain discovering stunning locations and enjoying family time in the great outdoors.

Its’s no secret that camping these days is not as easy as it used to be, there are more and more restrictions but hey, life is for living and we think that enjoying the freedom of being outdoors should be something for everyone.

about us

Where it all began

We’re Mac and Gayle, and if you’re like us you can’t wait to get out and enjoy the outdoors at every opportunity you get.

In 2004 we packed up everything in the UK and moved to Andalucia [Granada] to renovate a cave house – living out of a caravan with our then 2 year old son while we did it was the first part of the adventure! Nowadays you can find us in a small corner of the Altiplano de Granada adapting our warehouse for full time living (we never like conventional buildings!), a base from which we travel and budget overland across Spain ‘poco a poco’…


Overland family adventure and exploration in rural Spain


Gear we use and comprehensive product reviews


Exploring different locations, reviews and how to find them


The build – turning our stock Mitsubishi Shogun into a minimal overlander


Images along the way, photography of projects, landscape and off road


Info about our Shogun Sport including importing to Spain

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Overlanding and discovering Spain

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Overlanding and discovering Spain

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Are you overlanding / family camping anywhere in Spain? Overlanding Andalucia or the Granada region? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!