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6 Storage Hacks for Your Montero Sport [1st gen]

6 Storage Hacks for Your Montero Sport [1st gen]

6 Storage Hacks for Your Montero Sport

If you’re overlanding a first generation Montero Sport/Mitsubishi Challenger then you’ll know that interior gizmo’s and storage are pretty sparse, this does however offer a blank canvas for DIY storage ideas and a few mods that help keep the interior more organised. Storage hacks for your Montero Sport:

Center Console Molle Panels

center console molle panel for Mitsubishi
Shogun Sport center console molle panels

Probably the handiest modification we’ve made to date to the interior of the Shogun are the two molle panels attached to either side of the center console. You don’t have to go crazy with the budget either, although there are specific molle panels that you can buy and cut to size we decided to use an old plastic crate, sanded down, primed and painted. Each side offers handy storage for 2-way radios, pouches and molle phone cases – all the stuff that would be rattling around otherwise.

Sun Visors

sun visor storage
tactical molle sun visor organisers

Another modification we made for under €24.00 euros was the addition of two molle sun visor panels, we began with just one on the passenger side but it was so useful we added one to the drivers side too. In a world of COVID 19 we need somewhere to keep masks to hand [usually more than one], there are also map pockets, pen holders and other sleeves where you can store loose change, USB cables, pen drives and all that small stuff that would othrwise be struggling to find a home.

Rear Pillar Molle Mount

montero sport storage diy
molle pouch mounted on rear qusrter panel

You’ll notice that there is a lot of ‘molle’ stuff on this list and for good reason. Molle [modular light-weight load carrying equipment] can be stuck anywhere and there are a whole range of pouches that can be incorporated into what can be a fully personalised set up for your rig. On the rear pillar we mounted a molle storage pouch, a convenient place to have small items near the cooking setup like matches, lighters, tea-towels etc.

Under the Seats

pajero sport storage solutions
plenty of space under the 1st gen Shogun Sport front seats

The first gen Shoguns have a lot of storage space under the drivers and passenger seats and you’ll be surprised how much gear you can get under there, an 8x11x2″ tactical case/bag or similar fits just nicely and can hold essentials that can be accessed quickly. We store all of our first aid gear under the passenger seat as well as other medical related items items such as anti-bite spray, creams and ibuprofen.

Seat Molle Organizer

shogun sport k90 seats
front seat with standard pocket
storage hacks for your montero
front seat with tactical molle organizer fitted

Not a storage item we have yet but plenty of overlanders use them and that is a back seat organizer, available cheaply for the panel you can add and arrange a multitude of pouches to hang from the rear of the drivers or passenger seat [or both]

Roof Attic

storage hacks for your montero
Shogun interior

Roof attics are worth consideration but only for light items, if you’re handy with aluminium or even wood then you could build an overhead console that attached from one side of the roof to the other. Attic nets are available but they tend to sag hindering your vision out of the rear view mirror, for lighter items such as hats and the odd item of clothing though they are a good idea if you invest in a good one.

What hacks have you implemented to increase interior storage for your Montero/Shogun/Pajero sport?

*Budget boxes [post]

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  • How is the center console MOLLE frame working out? I’ve been thinking about 3d printing one.
    How viable do you think a MOLLE frame in the rear window would be and how would you go about attatching it?

    • Centre console set up is proving very useful, wouldn’t be without it now. Molle is viable pretty much anywhere, the rear window would be no exception. I haven’t looked into it but the plastic interior frame which is quite broad on all rear windows would offer plenty of area to attach [i’d use short bolts and washers] Only thing to be careful of would be the weight of the items you’s attach. Mac

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