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8 Things You Need to Buy When You’re using Crutches

8 Things You Need to Buy When You’re using Crutches

There are certain things that make life easier when you’re using crutches although they may not seem obvious at the moment…

8 Things you need to buy when you’re using crutches:

  • Electric shaver
  • Pyjamas
  • Books
  • Urinal bottle
  • Subscription
  • Pouffe/foot stool/extra pillow
  • Big socks
  • Baked beans jigsaw puzzle

If you’ve never broken an ankle, a foot or a leg before then you’ll soon realise that boredom sets in quickly and even the easiest of tasks when you were fully able now require a mammoth effort to get done. The list below is a collection of most of the things I ended up buying in the first couple of weeks.

Electric shaver

Ever since I was a teenager I always had a wet shave and never deviated from that until now. Electric shavers for me just didn’t cut it [no pun intended], they never got as close as a blade but… When you break your ankle and have an unsteady ‘other’ leg shaving becomes a little bit problematic.

My wife would hold up a small mirror while I sat on the toilet next to the sink and tried to shave. It didn’t work very well, took a year and a day and I always ended up missing a bit. A couple of days later and a half price deal from Boots and my new electric shaver arrived in the post. I was surprised how well it performed but the big advantage of course is that you can shave anywhere and you don’t have to stand up. It simply makes life much easier and is quick and portable too.


For those who like to sleep with a large degree of freedom, ie nothing on then some pj’s are definitely the way to go. I’ve never worn pyjamas since my Mum had me go to bed wearing some funky Peter Rabbit number back in the eightees but pj’s – especially bottoms are great to have.

Firstly the bottoms are usually loose enough to go over your cast or, you can opt for shorts. Secondly you can leave them on all day if you want which cuts out taking them off, putting pants on, belts, taking them off again etc etc, its a huge amount of aggravation and it’s uncomfortable. Pyjamas for the win.


I recently started reading and can’t put books down at the moment. I received some books for Christmas which have come in handy for breaking the boredom at some point on most days.

books sas
Getting into reading to cure the boredom…

Being old skool I like a ‘real’ book but you can always opt for a Kindle.

Urinal bottle

I can’t even begin to tell you how convenient one of these is! Getting up and navigating to the bathroom in the middle of the night is risky on crutches so a urinal bottle is by far the best way to go [assuming you have an understanding partner who can empty it for you]. The idea is not as daft as it sounds, vanlifers use them and they are also tremendously convenient when camping too. Best of all they are cheap, easily cleaned and reduce the risk of falling on your way to the bathroom.


Another thing you need to buy when using crutches is a subscription, this could be something like NETFLIX, an editor of some description, online magazine or whatever floats your boat. A broken bone is a lengthy healing process and if you can’t get up and walk whenever you want you’ll find yourself planning a stint on the computer then another stint somewhere else, in front of the tv or wherever. A place to spend some time without having to move for a while, a subscription will help pass the time and keep you occupied wherever that place may be.

Pouffe/foot stool/extra pillow

If you don’t have one already a pouffe or a foot stool is pretty much an essential item to keep that leg elevated – doctors orders. Three hours in front of the box watching Ben Hur and that leg really needs to be up in the air, an extra pillow is also good for bedtime although I ended up kicking mine out more often than not.

Things You Need to Buy When You're using Crutches
Keeping the foot elevated

The first week can be very painfull when you stand up as all the blood goes to your injury and it starts to pound like the devil. Keeping the leg up helps and does wonders for reducing the swelling.

Bigger socks

Yup, bigger socks make the list. I needed one to go over the cast and keep my toes warm, it’s as simple as that. Your normal socks are unlikely to fit over the plaster.

Baked beans jigsaw puzzle

Boredom is a real issue when you’re laid up with a broken ankle or foot etc. You’re also likely to get bored of all the reading, watching tv and all that stuff too. So, when your’re tired of being glued to the phone and fancy something more old skool then try a puzzle…

Things You Need to Buy When You're using Crutches
Baked bean jigsaw puzzle, kills time an drives you nuts…

When was the last time you did one? It’s funny how much you can get into it and before you know it, it’s teatime, two hours have passed and you’re just that little bit closer to walking again.


I didn’t realise that breaking my ankle would cost me £100+ but it did, broken bones are an expensive business. It’s like many other things in life, you never realise how much you need it until you don’t have it.

A broken ankle is a serious injury and puts you out of action for a good few weeks, using this time wisely is a good idea which means you might have to invest in a few things to help pass the time, keep your brain active and stop yourself losing the plot. Plus there are some items that will simply make your life easier.

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