Andalucian Mines – Photography Opportunites Maria Los Velez

Andalucian Mines – Photography Opportunites Maria Los Velez

Andalucian Mines

Shooting your 4×4 can be challenging, sometimes all those images begin to look the same, the truck is the truck, it can’t pose like a model so backdrop becomes key to change things up a bit.

When you come across a landmark or a situation you know straight away that it’s going to be good for the ‘gram’ or your website and this is what happened to us a few weeks ago near the Murcia border.

Driving through the woods in the Sierra de María-Los Vélez we stumbled across some Andalucian mines, you can see them from a few kilometers away, carved out from the top of the mountain but when you arrive there, see a track that ‘looks’ like it ‘might’ just get you up there you have to take a look right?

Here is what we found:

andalucian mines
Andalucian mine
minas de silex sierra maria los velez
big blocks, Andalucian mining, Almeria

A few years we had a photo shoot with a local band and used an old abandoned mine near our home village for a different backdrop, the scale though was nothing compared to this. These blocks are big and they are scattered all over the mountain.

Shogun Sport

So a great opportunity to get the Shogun in there and do something a little different.

mines in spain
overlanding photography
overlanding photography spain

Getting a realistic scale of these blocks. When you come across something like this it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to open up the camera bag, it’s also another something that overlanding delivers to us as sometimes you never know what might be around the corner or up the next track.

Exploration certainly has it’s rewards.

k90 overland
Shogun up against mining blocks
k90 overland
different angles
k90 overland
mined blocks, Almeria


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K90 Overland

K90overland is Mac and Gayle, they have lived in Granada [Andalucia] since 2004 and began their budget overland build in 2019 documenting both the vehicle and their overlanding trips through the Andalucian region of Spain.

K90 Overland

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