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C-ROPE Paracord Camera Straps [Gear Review]

C-ROPE Paracord Camera Straps [Gear Review]

C-ROPE Paracord Camera Straps – We Review the ‘Claw’ Wrist Strap

Here at K90 Overland we like a bit of paracord, it’s an adventure thing, an essential for the rig or the backpack with a multitude of uses. C-Rope paracord camera straps are a brand we stumbled across when searching for something a little different and we’re glad we found them – here’s why…

Who Are C-Rope?

So who’s idea was it? C-Rope was created in 2017 by three photographers in Germany, ‘designed by photographers for photographers’ so they have an understanding of what we need which is primarily functionality, durability and it has to look the business too which these straps most certainly do.

c-rope paracord camera straps
c-rope germany
c-rope paracord wrist strap

C-Rope is not a large business and these guys are not afraid to say so, in fact the whole ethos behind C-Rope is very transparent with the main emphasis being on the best quality for a reasonable price. We like this and think that such businesses deserve our support instead of going online and giving our money to the ‘giants’, sometimes the little man is worth serious consideration too.

Product Range

C-Rope make a modest line up of products with camera straps being the main one, these straps are available in paracord and climbing rope, there are also wrist straps named ‘the Claw’ which is what we purchased for our Fuji X100v.

best paracord camera straps
Fuji x100v

Camera straps currently come in two designs, the ‘Urbanist’ and the ‘Traveler’, both are also available in a variety of colours. The ‘Claw’ wrist strap is also available in several colours.

Why Paracord?

Strength, durability and aesthetics. It’s that simple.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yup, you read it right, 100 day money back guarantee, you can’t really argue with that can you? Looking at the reviews it’s unlikely that you’ll need to use it as 99% are very positive indeed. Again, this is where smaller businesses work, a more refined service and attention to customer service.

Attention to Detail

The box your strap arrives in is a good example of the thought that goes into distinguishing a small business from the rest, while you have to love the simplicity of it, the box says “I won’t let you down”, great to know when you have €1500 euros worth of premium camera attached to it. You also get a couple of stickers which never come in wrong either. Small details but details that count.

C-Rope claw
Fuji x100v wrist strap

C-Rope ‘Claw’ Wrist Strap

First impressions are quality, the paracord is tightly woven and incredibly neat, this will no doubt become more pliable over tme the more often the strap is used. The clip is metal on one side, plastic on the other with a smart brown stitched leather sleeve that boasts the company logo.

Attaching to the camera is simple, inside the box you will also find the fixtures you need including the triangular ring that slides through the lugs on the side of the camera, there is also a plastic cover that snaps onto these which, in the case of camera’s like the fuji with a steel top plate will prevent the metal getting scratched. The straps can be attached while retaining the leather protector which comes with the camera or, if you refer you can remove these.

c-rope paracord straps from Gemany
choosing a camera wrist strap

Using the strap for the first time and the paracord does feel quite stiff- it also feels premium and will continue to supple up over time. Unlike cheap wrist straps there is a generous length of cord between the clip and the camera allowing decent flexiblity and movement, in other words you’re not going to be restricted or have the strap pulling at you when you want to reach buttons on the other side of the camera or if you prefer using the focus ring.

Confidence is what you need when you have a significant investment hanging from your arm and the C-Rope paracord camera straps offer that, it’s premium gear with plenty of thought [as well as testing] behind it. On the aesthetics front we think they look damn cool too…

Check out the C-Rope website

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