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Camping Fuente de La Pascuala – Overlanding Jaén

Camping Fuente de La Pascuala – Overlanding Jaén

Camping Fuente de La Pascuala Review

There are several campsites to choose from around the ‘El Tranco de Beas’ dam, we chose Camping Fuente de La Pascuala simply because it was ahead of the rest when it came to online reviews. This was also the first time we had visited the area and were looking to unplug for the weekend, experience some nature and generally just relax.


Ctra A-319, km 55, 23478 Coto-Ríos, Jaén / 38.057710, -2.837790

Camping Fuente de La Pascuala
camping Fuente de La Pascuala

Campsite facilities

  • Restaurant
  • Seasonal pool
  • Supermarket
  • Toilets/showers/hot water
  • Free wifi
  • Fridge rental
  • BBQ area
  • Pets allowed
  • Motorhome drainage

What we liked

Camping Fuente de La Pascuala is well located to the south of El Tranco de Beas dam, it takes around 20 minutes to drive down the western side of the water from the dam wall along winding tarmac road. Access is good and the site upon entering is easy to navigate.

it has a wooded area at one end which we chose to camp up at – right in among the trees where there was enough room to get the Shogun parked next to the tent with awning out

The service was friendly and we especially liked the fact that we could pick out any spot on the site to pitch our tent and set up camp. We did go in the middle of May so it was very quiet with ample space, the downside of going out of season on any site is that not all facilities are going to be available.

Camping Fuente de La Pascuala
The site has plenty of shaded areas

The site is larger than you first think, it has a wooded area at one end which we chose to camp up at – right in among the trees where there was enough room to get the Shogun parked next to the tent with awning out etc. This is as close to wild camping as you are going to get [legally] as unlike other campsites there are no designated plots or enclosed pitches that you are allocated.

The site is fenced although there is access to a stretch of the Gaudalquivir river if you like to get your feet wet.

camping jaen
Clean toilet and shower blocks

The toilets were very clean indeed as was the washing/sink area and services in general. All of the blocks are located down one side of the site and are in very good, clean condition.

What we didn’t like

As with most Spanish campsites you have the caravans that are there all year, again, we understand why from a business perspective but they really bring the place down. Some looked like they hadn’t been visited for years, it looked like a shanty town in some areas with worn out torn awnings and just a sea of sun bleached tarpaulin sheets.

shanty town campsites spain

Other than that this campsite was one of the best we’ve been to out of season and one that we would use again for sure.


These prices fall in line with what you will expect to pay for a campsite of this size with the facilities it has.

Adults €5.00Adults €5.90
Children €4.70Children €5.30
Tent €5.00Tent €5.90
Caravans €5.30Caravans €5.90
Car €3.25Car €3.50
Van/Car camping €7.65Van/Car camping €8.80
Motorbike €3.50Motorbike €3.50
Electricity €5.00Electricity €5.00
Refrigerator €9.00Refrigerator €9.00


At Camping Fuente de La Pascuala you are right in the middle of nature, the site may be quite close to the road but the area in general is surrounded by wooded mountains, plus you have the river right next to you. If you like your birds singing then the audio below will give you a good idea of how this site sounds at three in the morning.

We also saw wild boar, a mother with six youngsters in tow on the other side of the fence just 10 yards from where we were camped up. One thing that you will notice straight away are the squirrels and also the sound of woodpeckers, this site really is full of sights and sounds and it is a real joy to just sit back and listen.


Would we use this campsite again? Yes, we would not go in high season as it gets jam packed according to the owners but in low season this is a great place to come and relax.

If you can get past the unsightly caravans which you’ll find on most campsites in Spain then Camping Fuente de La Pascuala shouldn’t disappoint. The location is very good and there is a whole host of things to do in the area including hiking and watersports.

jaen camping

We camped for 2 nights only but could have easily done twice that. One to keep in mind for next time.

campsite prices in spain
wild camping spain
camping differences in spain
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