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Cascada de Guazalamanco – Best Waterfalls in Andalucia

Cascada de Guazalamanco – Best Waterfalls in Andalucia

Cascada de Guazalamanco is a waferfall situated near the Bolera reservoir near Pozo Alcon [Jaén], it is reached via a non challenging 4k hike in amongst spectacular scenery and natural surroundings.

Cascada de Guazalamanco is a real hidden gem, located near Pozo Alcon the waterfalls are actually in the province of Jaén though very close to the Granada border. We first visited Cascada de Guazalamanco back in 2013 and this will be our third trip over to see what can only be described as spectacular surroundings.

37.8056° N, 2.9202° W

Access to the car park is via dirt road and it can get rough and somewhat waterlogged if it’s been raining, a car can make it though – you just have to drive slowly. At the end of the road you will find a free car park nestled in the woodland, it’s not big so it pays to arrive early [if you plan to go in season].

From the car park you have a steep hill [concrete] to where the trails actually begins, this hill is the most challenging part of what is a short 4.3k hike.

skip to 2.01 for the trail

The trail

The trail itself is fantastic, indeed it’s easy to forget that you are actually still in Andalucia, the high rock faces, never ending greenery and large pines along with the waterfalls are more like Jurassic park than southern Spain.

hiking trails in jaen

The trail is not challenging, you have a designated route with safety barriers where they are required, these are few though and once you are in the ‘depths’ of the trail you can pretty much stop anywhere and get to the waters edge which is a narrow river strewn with flowing waterfalls for the full 2k of the trail

Don’t miss it

It’s easy to get disappointed once you reach the end of the trail as there is seemingly nowhere else to go however once you explore a little further and listen for the water you’ll realise that there is something else to see.

best waterfalls in andalucia
best waterfalls in Andalucia

The big waterfall is hidden but you can get to it – with care especially when the rocks are wet. This last part is what makes it all worth it,

When to go

We have visited Cascada de Guazalamanco on three occasions and each time has been at a different time of year. We can say hands down that winter is by far the best time to visit and here’s why:

  • You can have the place to yourself, nobody wants to go in the winter
  • You will have no problem parking in the winter
  • There is more water making the waterfall more spectacular
  • Winter throws a different light on the place
  • Your photos will be different [all the summer photos look the same]

Our previous visit was in the summer and you could not even get close to the car park, there was a stream of two way traffic, it was hot, dusty and not very enjoyable at all truth be told so winter is our favourite time to go.

finding waterfalls in Spain
the big waterfall is just aound the corner
waterfalls on the way
massive rocks in nature
some decent sized boulders on this hike
jurassic park in spain best hikes
Jurassic park?
long exposure waterfalls in southern Spain
long exposure waterfalls in southern Spain

Cascada de Guazalamanco is a great place to visit if you are in the area, there is also a campsite very close by near lake Bolera if you fancy spending some extra time exploring what else it has to offer.

Top tips are to avoid the summer, absolutely do not forget the camera and take your time on the trail as there is plenty to see and take in. This place is well worth a visit for a short hike and to take the kids, it makes a change from the Andalucian dust bowl and offers some greenery and in general some very pleasant and different natural surroundings.

ruta del rio Guazalamanco
ruta del rio Guazalamanco


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