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Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150

Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150

Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150 Euros – Backpacks for prepping, bugout, overlanding and EDC

Tactical backpacks come in a range of shapes, sizes and functionality, choosing a tactical backpack for under €150 euros does not limit your choice as there are a plethora of packs available for well under this price point. Here are 7 that made our shortlist.

  • Tasmanian Tiger Daypack
  • Pro Force Highlander
  • Pentagon Kyler
  • First Tactical Specialist 1 Day
  • Direct Action Dragon Egg
  • Condor Venture
  • 5.11 Rush 24

Look on the likes of Amazon and there are dozens of cheap tactical backpacks with names you’d never recognise, under €30.00 can get you a 30ltr backpack but how good are they exactly?

We purchased a Mil-Tec backpack for our youngest as a school bag and so far it’s holding up pretty well, having said that Mil Tec do churn out some half decent gear, when it comes to premium though we have to increase the budget – quite substantially.

What makes a tactical backpack? In a nutshell [and briefly] it’s the material the pack is made from, tactical backpacks are tough, colours are also a giveaway such as jet black, camo, greens and coyote. Tactical packs usually have a molle system and most good packs accommodate a water bladder. Minimalism by comparison to a hiking rucksacks is also a tell tale sign, not quite grey man but military looking.


We love Tasmanian Tiger gear, it’s top notch, durable and keenly priced for what you get which is why the TT Daypack made this list straight away. Although it may be slightly on the smaller side at 23 liters we haven’t discounted a pair of these for other purposes as we like the TT brand so much.

tasmanian tiger daypack
  • Fabric: Cordura 700d
  • Volume: 23 Liters
  • Laptop: YES, 15″
  • Hydration system compatible: YES

The Tasmanian Tiger daypack has a tactical yet minimal look about it, almost that ‘urban greyman’ feel which is no bad thing. Features include the usual laser cut molle, hook and loop, compression straps, flat zipper front pocket and hip belt. While minimal this TT pack is worth a look as it also has a some unique features inside the bag including more molle for attaching internal pouches etc.


The Pro Force Highlander is a little different compared to other packs on this list, as more of a gear hauler you won’t find all the pockets and EDC aspects of other tactical packs. What you do get is an army orientated pack with a lot of simpicity and functionality about it.

tactical backpack designs
  • Fabric: XTP1000D polyester
  • Volume: 44 Liters
  • Laptop: No specific pocket or compartment
  • Hydration system compatible: YES

Big plus points for this pack is its lightweight nylon costruction which makes it abrasion resistant and also water reistant. For application you are are looking at backpacking, hiking, camping/overlanding and hunting. The Pro Force Highlander also makes a great bugout bag and is well priced starting at €60.00+ euros, it also has some bigger brothers too at 44, 66 and 88 liters.


black nylon tactical backpacks
  • Fabric: Nylon 500d
  • Volume: 35 Liters
  • Laptop: YES, ‘small’
  • Hydration system compatible: YES

The Pentagon Kyler is a decent looking piece of kit and has all the features you would expect from a good quality tactical backpack. This pack has a multitude of internal pockets for organization YKK zippers, padded backrest, drain holes, compression straps and molle system so you can increase your load carrying capacity. The 500d material makes the Pentagon Kyler more flexible and lighter [compared to 1000d] and still water resistent. Reviews are good making this pack worth a look.


best Tactical Backpack
  • Fabric: Nylon 1000d
  • Volume: 36 Liters
  • Laptop: Not suitable
  • Hydration system: Not dedicated

The ‘Specialist’ from First Tactical is a serious contender when it comes to slimming down your shortlist, the design is fresh, the bag has a very ‘tactical’ appearance to it and it’s packed with fuctionality including the ability to both external and internally mount additional pouches if that’s your thing.

Material is 1000d so its rugged, we have YKK zippers and a big 36ltr capacity. Another pack with generally good reviews and priced well at just over the €100 euro mark [2022]


Choosing a Tactical Backpack
  • Fabric: Cordura 500d
  • Volume: 25 Liters
  • Laptop: YES, 15″
  • Hydration system: YES

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Dragon Egg is a great looking pack, details like the paracord handle set it off and it comes in a huge range of colours – 20 to be exact.

The Dragon Egg, boasts good functionality, durability and has good reviews in general, it is on the smaller side making it geared more towards a day pack, EDC or get home however it is worth serious consideration even though the price is getting up there, it’s bigger brother the DIRECT ACTION ‘GHOST’ is worth looking at for bigger load capacity.


Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150
  • Fabric: Nylon 1000d
  • Volume: 27.5 Liters
  • Laptop: YES, 15″
  • Hydration system: YES [up to 3ltr]

The Condor tactical backpack caught my eye because of it’s beavertail front design – a handy feature if you need to stuff something onto your pack without actually opening up the pack, a raincoat for example or smaller bag that you need quick access to.

Condor is a respected name in the game and has been around for quite a while [1980’s], they make a good selection of gear including clothing and a whole range of tactical gear. The ‘Venture’ is well priced at just over €100 euros offering most of the features you would expect at this price point.

5.11 RUSH 24

Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150
  • Fabric: Nylon 1050d
  • Volume: 37 Liters
  • Laptop: YES, 15″
  • Hydration system: YES

The 5.11 RUSH series needs no introduction, the Rush 24 backpack is a bit of an icon, one of the oldest packs here it’s been around the block a few times and is respected by many, it’s a 5.11, it has it’s own forum threads and yeah, its fantastic kit.

The 5.11 Rush ticks a lot of boxes but it is getting old, however functionality is the most important aspect and this bag has everything, the quality is there, the size is right, internal organization is pretty much umatched and the reviews online are very much positive. The Rush 24 is also the most expensive pack on this list, perhaps for good reason but it does have competition.

A pack with a purpose

Everyone’s requirements are different, for me the purpose of the backpack is not to be a bug out bag, a get home pack or dedicated hiking system but an all rounder. I already have a Lowepro protactic pack but it’s geared toward carrying camera bodies and lenses. A new tactical pack needs to carry a waterproof, first aid kit, water, fire kit and a bunch of EDC gear like a torch, battery pack, USB cables and all of that stuff.

The main reasoning behind the pack purchase is simply because I am walking more, as part of the the whole recovery thing which is ongoing, walking helps tremendously and with walks turning into hikes and becoming longer a decent pack was in order, a good quality multi purpose pack I an throw into the back of the Shogun, hike, go camping with and use every day.

Choosing a Tactical Backpack for under €150

The backpack I finally settled on was the Direct Action ‘Ghost’ mkll. But that pack isn’t even on the list right? Well it didn’t make the short list as the normal price was out of my budget, at €169.00 euros it was simply too expensive.

Best price on the ‘Ghost’ pack anywhere online in Europe

However I did find TSSM which had the Ghost listed ten euros cheaper than anywhere else in Spain then Black Friday week came around, the image above shows the deal, which for me was a no brainer.

Every other pack had some kind of compromise, the Ghost was the nearest to what I needed spec wise. Book marking and regularly checking the price [especially around Back Friday/Cyber Monday] can be well worth it, I love a good deal.

Full spec review and initial impressions of the Direct Action Ghost pack in due course, a certain guy in a big red outfit has to squeeze down the chimney first…

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