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The big Scar Reveal – Fractured Ankle Diaries Weeks 3 & 4

The big Scar Reveal – Fractured Ankle Diaries Weeks 3 & 4

Fractured ankle diaries four weeks in, what’s been happening, hospital visits and progress.

Week 3

Week three has honestly been pretty uneventful that is until near the end of the week and suddenly the outside of the leg started burning just before I went to bed. It hadn’t happened before and it came on almost instantly but my God, the pain was excruciating, like somone had forced a red hot poker down the inside of the cast. I felt like I was being branded or something.

It was one of those pains where you don’t know where to put yourself, changing position didn’t work and of course you can’t see down the inside of the cast to check it out [although I did try – twice] I ended up popping codeine and paracetamol like tic tacs, eventually an hour and a half later it settled down enough to go to sleep.

The next morning the leg was fine, no pain whatsoever so I have no idea at all what it was, be prepared though because if it does happen to you it’s a nasty one!

Week 4

Week four with a fractured ankle and I was off to the hospital to get the cast removed but firstly I needed to have an x-ray which only took a few minutes. After a short wait I was then wheeled into the room where they apply the plaster. Moon boots are stacked all over the shelving and I sat on the bed chair looking at the casts and what colour to choose.

Then the original cast from after the operation was cut off revealing a still very swollen foot and a five inch long scar full of stitches.

scar from broken ankle operation
scar from fractured ankle operation

The stitches were pulled out and the nurse rubbed in some cream as my foot looked like it had been walking around the Sahara desert for the last three weeks. The doctor then came and had a prod around, asked if it hurt to which I answered “no” and the instructions were to come back in three weeks where it would either be a moon boot or just a shoe.

fractured ankle
keeping a smile on in the plaster room

The doc also explained that I could start putting very minimal weight on the foot, more to help with balance when standing up as oppose to actual walking. So, after just three weeks I can put some weight on the foot which is progress!

I also have a shoe which straps on over the purple cast which adds extra stability when standing up. What this means is that I can now stand up and brush my teeth in front of the mirror without wobbling about all over the place grabbing the sink ever other second in case I fall over. Having the shoe helps a lot.

The doc also explained that I could start putting very minimal weight on the foot, more to help with balance when standing up as oppose to actual walking

While the new cast and shoe do make moving around slightly easier I still have to take it easy and not get carried away. Going down the stairs is still performed on my rear end although I do have the technique down now and have increased speed significantly!

Sleeping is better, other than the hiccup in week three my sleep has improved as I can turned over now much easier. The full cast is tighter and much more supportive which allows turning over in bed and lying on my front without any discomfort.

So how am I feeling?

Well after week four I am feeling a little more positive and upbeat. It’s kind of the half way point to gaining proper mobility although I’m under no illusion that it will be tough once the cast comes off. To be honest I don’t really think about the timescale on a daily basis, I think counting down the days would drive you nuts so I tend to crack on and read, write and plan for the months ahead when I can drive again.

When the doctor first tells you you have a fractured ankle and it will take ‘X amount of weeks’ to heal then it can be daunting, a long time off in the future but the time does pass quite quickly and every day is another 24 hours of healing under your belt too. It’ll get you down if you let it, the key is not to let it.



  • Books read: 2
  • Peaky Blinders episodes watched – 17
  • Polo mints consumed – approx 163
  • Falls and near misses – 4
  • Online orders – 1 [more joggers + teeshirt]
  • Blog articles scheduled – 4

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