Full Dip Hyper Black – Liquid Vinyl [Another Coat]

Full Dip Hyper Black – Liquid Vinyl [Another Coat]

Another coat of liquid vinyl for the Shogun alloys and this time we went for Full Dip Hyper black which isn’t really black at all, more of a deep metallic grey.

One of the problems of buying paint online for any application is choosing the right colour, the Full Dip website does a pretty good job although not entirely accurate and more ‘natural’ images on the web most have filters and the lighting obviously differs too [as well as your monitor]

In order to get a more accurate indication of how grey the Full Dip hyper black really is, here are some SOOC jpegs [straight out of camera / no edits]

Full Dip Hyper Black
 Liquid Vinyl wheel paint from Spain
Full Dip paint

We like it, compared to the mat grey we had previously the hyper black adds the metallic element and to contrast things up a little we coated the Mitsubishi center caps in mat black just to add something a bit different but still subtle.

vinyl paint for alloys in hyper black
hyper black alloy wheel paint
alloy wheel liquid vinyl

So why paint again? Really the question is why not! Having done all the painstaking prep work, sanding and filling previously the base coat is already on. The paint however did suffer some damage when we had the Falken tyres fitted so a touch up was needed on all four rims.

The time it takes to apply Full Dip is much like any other paint, for a full respray we prefer to remove the rims and mask off the tyres, apply 4 – 5 coats and leave to dry for 24 hours. Touching up [and even a full spray] can be done with the wheels on the vehicle, for any areas where the liquid vinyl may be scratched or torn applying a little paint thinner and rubbing over the area will prepare it for a quick spray over.

4x4 alloys with full dip

If liquid vinyl paint is your thing then Full Dip or Plasti Dip is worth a try, we may not use it forever but for finishing refurbed alloys it does the job just fine, just be mindful that the colours may differ to what you might expect, this is our third purchase of paint in three different colours and while the mat black is, well, mat black, the grays and other colours tend to be a bit paler than we expected. Much will also depend on the colour of the base coat too.

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