Gear Review – Black Diamond Moji Lights

Gear Review – Black Diamond Moji Lights

Black Diamond Moji

The Black Diamond Moji light – are they good enough to keep in your overland rig? We think so, yes.

Overlanding requires light, LED bars are one thing [we have one installed on the underside of the tailgate] but when you’re set up glaring LED bars can be too bright, ambient light suits best when you’re chilling out under the awning or retiring into the tent for the night.

There are a million light solutions out there for camping and overlanding an they come in all shapes and sizes, size and weight are a big factor for us, while the Shogun Sport is a big beast it’s not ‘that’ big so space saving solutions are a top priority when it comes to gear.

The Black Diamond Moji lights fit the bill perfectly and while there are other very similar lights out there we settled on these partly because we got a good deal but mainly on reputation and brand name, we tend to stay away from cheap Amazon products when it comes to collecting everyday gear.

These small moji’s are 100 lumens but it’s best not to think about power and brightness, the dome is a durable frosted plastic which calms things down quite a lot, they are however still bright enough to light up your evening camp set up and the moji light is dimmable if you’re after even more ambience.

Black Diamond Moji Specs:

  • Lumens 100
  • Burn time 10 hours
  • IPX rating 4 [what is this?]
  • Weight 122g [4.3oz] without batteries
  • Power 3x AAA batteries

The IPX rating is an interesting one as cheaper lights normally do not have this, essentially your Moji will be fine subject to the odd light shower or splash of water but don’t expect it to perform very well in a deluge which you wouldn’t be out in anyway…

Why We Like the Moji

Size and functionality plus the dimmer, we can have these lights anywhere at a chosen brightness for any given situation, hanging from the awning is their main use but we also use them while cooking or when we simply need to find something at the bottom of the cooler etc.

The lights hang pretty much anywhere given the two fold down hook on the base of the light, this means that they can also sit flat – ideal if you’re prepping food or suchlike, they hang in the tent also and the size is perfect – throw them in the kitchen drawers, center console, glove box or bag, it all works.


Depends on your country but in Europe these lights can be picked up from between €10 – €15 euros, Amazon also occasionally have price drops.


The main con of the standard Moji is that it runs on batteries, it would be great to see a USB charging option as most of us even with older 4×4’s have fitted USB charging ports inside the vehicle. The only other con [also a pro] is the size, they are very easy to misplace!

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