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Gear Review – Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug

Gear Review – Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug

Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug

Sea to Summit’s Delta mug is designed for campers and back packers, it is a lightweight, insulated mug for either hot or cold drinks making it ideal for the outdoors.

Before we left the UK we sold/donated all of our camping gear – that was back in 2004 and it’s fair to say that even then, some of it was pretty dated. Now with our new found enthusiasm for the outdoors again we need to replace it all and that means some drinking vessels for the all important tea and coffee!

Sea to Summit’s gear is reasonably priced for the quality that you receive, we are happy with the Delta mugs because they just work, are not fragile, easy to wash and they look good too.

Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug
Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug
Sea to Summit Delta mug orange
Sea to Summit Delta Insul Mug

The Sea to Summit insul mug has a moulded *rubber sleeve [easily removable] that helps keep your drinks hot or cold and it it also prevents you from burning your hands. The lid has a snug but not tight fit and has a small lanyard, while the drinking hole may take some getting used to the overall performance is more than acceptable and makes this mug suitable for a range of purposes.

Other features include a hexagon idented base – this prevents slippage on areas where your mug may decide to make a break for it such as smooth surfaces or perched on a rock, the downside to this patterned base is that it is difficult to wash and dry.

sea to summit delta kitchenware
tough mugs with grippy base to prevent falling over

Tech stuff:

  • One size [473ml]
  • Weight 125g
  • No handle
  • Neoprene sleeve
  • Food grade nylon
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nor for use in microwave

How we use them:

We have three Delta mugs all of which come out in the winter and are used for tea and coffee. The mugs are used every other weekend and during the week too when we fancy just getting out for a quick coffee in the morning. For storage the mugs are kept in the ‘kitchen box’ with the rest of the gear such as pans etc and they do get knocked about as you might expect.

The mugs are always outdoors, perched on rocks or on the floor where they do remain pretty steady it has to be said thanks to the unique non slip base, the caps are tremedously useful both for keeping contents hot and also keeping the wildlife out!

sea to summit gear reviews
handy cap to keep heat in and bugs out
sea to summit insulated mugs
good insulation


For the purposes of overlanding, stopping to make a quick coffee or a more permanent set up at home base the sea to summit delta insul mug ticks all the boxes. At 473ml in volume these mugs are pretty large too which for us is ideal as we like big coffees! For price expect to pay around €13 – 15 euros which is reasonable enough for decent quality gear.

*Two years on: We’ve been using these mugs now for two years and they have held up pretty well. The outer rubber on one mug all three mugs has started to split although these are available from Sea to Summit as an extra.

Our mugs live in the back of the rig and are used almost every weekend outdoors. We did think that they might be a little more robust and while they do still function the rubber deterioration is not ideal, we do however have to remember the price point.

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