SOG Entrenching Tool + Why You Need One [gear review]

SOG Entrenching Tool + Why You Need One [gear review]

The SOG Entrenching Tool is a small, lightweight and foldable shovel that is a must for any 4×4 owner.

There are differing opinions on the SOG entrenching tool, mainly down to its size but we like ours – here’s why. [short review]

This baby shovel suits us down to the ground, it was the the right price, a brand name and it’s small – a shade over 18 inches which is 46cm for us in Europe. At €26.00 euros it won’t break the bank either, not the cheapest and by no means the most expensive it kind of sits in the middle of what you might expect to pay for such an item without going over the top.

For us the SOG entrenching tool folds away and takes its place in a side compartment of our Shogun storage/kitchen build, given its small size, it’s out the way but still handy when you might need it.

sog entrenching tool
overlanding shovels
the sog entrenching tool is a handy size
sog entrenching tool
sog entrenching tool


  • Length – 18″ [46cm]
  • Weight – 24oz [680g]
  • Material – carbon steel
  • Finish – powder coated [black]

The SOG shovel folds away very compact, is simple and quick to fold out straight and has a pick on one side with shovel on the other which also has a serrated edge. Being small and lightweight this shovel is ideal for overlanding where space is at a premium.

Use and abuse anything and eventually it will fail so it’s worth noting that this is no heavy duty overlander shovel, it will however serve it’s purpose for digging a hole for you know what and also for assisting if you get bogged down in sand for example as the shovel head can be angled sideways – handy for getting around the inside of wheels etc.

sog shovel for overlanding
mini shovel
sog entrenching tool
fully folded


We purchased the SOG entrenching tool as part of spurt we had buying several other tools to kit out our rig. Have we used it? Yes, the shovel is sturdy enough – just don’t go trying to shoe horn big rocks with it and you’ll be ok. It’s small which seems to be the main complaint from other reviews but for overlanding and for us personally the size is actually just right.

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