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Helikon Tex Pilgrim Pants Review – Are They Good for Hiking?

Helikon Tex Pilgrim Pants Review – Are They Good for Hiking?

Helikon Tex Pilgrim pants, they have a great design, are premium quality at their price point and they look the business but are they good for hiking?

Up until recently I’d been hiking in my old tactical cargo pants, they did the job but were heavy and there were often times where I just knew that they were not perfect for the job. There is plenty of choice when it comes to hiking pants so what attracted me to the Helikon Tex Pilgrim pants?

I’d been aware of the brand for some time, was very pleased with the the Direct Action Ghost backpack and in the main, people had mostly great things to say about Helikon Tex products.

Helikon Tex Pilgrim Pants

Pilgrim pants are part of their bushcraft line which, given the name, suggests something a little different and this was the type of thing I was looking for – not just dedicated hiking pants but a pair of pants that would perform well out and about collecting wood in the Spanish hills, overlanding and wild camping.


  • Extended back
  • 2 hip pockets with reinforced edges
  • Buttoned pockets for knife/tools etc.
  • Two large cargo pockets lined with mesh for additional ventilation
  • Adjustable hook & loop belt
  • Channels on the legs bottom for ribbon or cord
  • Compatible with suspenders
  • YKK® zippers
  • Reinforce knees, compatible with low profile protective pads
  • 63% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 3% Elastane


The comfort level on the Pilgrim’s is great, this is obviously a personal preference but for me they fit very well indeed and feel good with plenty of room. You know you’re wearing something different but at the same time don’t notice it in a way that suggests they are for a specific purpose, these are pants you could wear around the house.

Big Sizes for Big Guys

It’s always good to find a company that accommodates big blokes like me, this was one main reason I went for Helikon as other specific hiking pants were either too slim for me or they didn’t even get near my waistline which is only 46 – 48 inch.

helikon tex pilgrom pants
Pilgrim pants
helikon tex
Pilgrim pants
Pilgrim pants

I prefer my clothing loose, Helikon Tex sizes are large anyway [something to consider when buying] and the XXXXL Pilgrim pants are loose for me, I need a belt but there is plenty room which is just the way I like it.


Like many other Helikon Tex products the Pilgrim pants are made from Duracanvas fabric, the back of the pants is also raised and padded to help protect your kidneys from the cold, this feature is also handy when you’re wearing a backpack as [for me] it stops the backpack nudging the pants down as it sits over the top of the belt line.

duracanvas hiking pants

There are what seems to be a million pockets on these pants, in total there are eight. I don’t use all of the pockets but the larger ones are ideal for carrying your phone and sometime I slip in the X100v if I’m going to need it quickly and often.

Are they good for hiking?

The Helikon Tex Pilgrim pants are not specific hiking pants, rather bushcraft pants that you can hike in. For me they fit the bill as they are great all rounders suitable for several pursuits that I regularly enjoy, hiking, overlanding and general outdoor recreation.

They are not the most lightweight pants for hiking nor are they waterproof [although they can be waxed if that’s your thing] but they are rugged, reinforced and practical. I wear these pants for every hike I do and am impressed with the performance.

The Helikon Tex Pilgrim pants are not specific hiking pants, rather bushcraft pants that you can hike in

The hook and loop system was something that did concern me but actually it works very well as it offers a large degree of adjustment compared to a simple button.

hiking pants for big guys
Helikon Tex – BIG sizes for big guys!

For longer hikes and more specific hiking then you’ll probably need something more dedicated but for extended outdoor use, overland and bushcraft weekenders, a week’s wild camping and outdoor exploration you can’t go wrong with the Helikon Tex Pilgrim’s.


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