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Helikon Tex SFU Pants Review – Budget Quality Clothing

Helikon Tex SFU Pants Review – Budget Quality Clothing

The quality of Helikon Tex clothing has always been good and the SFU pants are no exception even though they come in at the budget end of the range.

Budget Helikon Tex SFU pants, a good purchase or should you consider something higher up the range? I’ve been using the SFU pants now for a couple of months and they went through their paces on our wild and windy road trip camping up through Spain and France for a week where they performed really well.

Helikon Tex SFU pants
Helikon Tex SFU pants

For tactical pants at this price point Helikon Tex have done well to maintain a good level of quality and high durability as well as a myriad pockets. So far I’m impressed as everyday trousers they work, as outdoor trousers they work, below are my thoughts on these pants and why you may want to consider them.


  • Adjustable waist
  • D-rings
  • Two front pockets [large]
  • Two slim front EDC gear pockets
  • Two back pockets
  • Two thigh cargo pockets with velcro flaps and button closure
  • Calf pocket with Velcro flap
  • Additional compartments with elastic bands in cargo pockets for EDC
  • Reinforced knee with kneepad pockets for padding
  • Reinforced seat
  • Buttoned fly


I have to say that when I first tried these pants on they did not feel immediatly comfortable. However after a few washes they seemed to settle in very well, the rip stop canvas breaks in a little making these pants a nice fit.

helikon tex cheap sfu pants
Comfort and durability

I went a size bigger as I always do as I like my pants baggy – be wary of this as the cut on these pants is already generous.

What Helikon Tex say:

SFU NEXT® pants are a lower part of the Special Forces Uniform NEXT®. This apparel is based on our experience gathered from previous SFU™ design. SFU NEXT® pants also feature 9 easy-accessible pockets for storing essential equipment, reinforced seat part and knees along with kneepad compartments. Reinforced, loose cut improves freedom of movement.

Ever wondered what those letters mean? You might have seen SFU and BDU floating around, SFU stands for ‘Special Forces Uniform’, BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform.

Daily use

For daily use these pants are tough and durable, I wear mine all the time and find the array of pockets incredibly handy for all sorts of EDC gear, the side pockets and cargo pockets are also large enough to hold the Fuji X100v too which is a bonus.

There are tabs on the waist to allow for adjustment but I never use them instead going for a belt instead, the loops for a belt are more than generous as you would expect. Overall the Helikon Tex SFU pants are good for everyday outdoor activities as well as just knocking about the house in.


Your two standard side pockets have a ‘D ring’ just above them and are plenty generous, you also have the rear pockets like most trousers. To the side there are two additional small pockets for coins perhaps or smaller items.

how many pockets do tactical pants have
Big side pockets

Moving down there are side cargo pockets which are very large and secured with a button and velcro tabs, inside these pockets are elastic designed for clips with two additional shallow pockets to hold the bottom of the clips in place. Lastly there is a side pocket on the right leg, the top of this is secured with velcro and it’s the type of pocket you will probably never use.

What I like

You know when you get into these pants that they are going to last a while, you can’t go wrong with rip-stop canvas for durablity and I didn’t find any loose threads either. The stitching is good and the buttons are all good. The pants just look good too, despite being budget they fit well and if you like plenty of room in your trousers like I do then you will find the cut more than adequate.

Black Friday deal on SFU trousers
Black Friday deal on SFU trousers

Price, what’s not to like? At just over £30.00 you can’t really go wrong for a pair of pants this durable, hit the Black Friday sales and you might even manage to pick up an even better deal.

What I don’t like

I purchased these pants in black, originally I went for the coyote but they were not available in my size so black it was. They attract hair like nothing else I have ever seen, fluff and anything that will stick, of course being black makes it worse. In fairness this does settle down after a couple of washes but just something to be aware of. The coyote or a green would be the better option IMO.


The Helikon Tex SFU pants are part of their budget line up but this is by no means a negative. For the money you get a decent pair of durable, rip-stop canvas tactical trousers with a generous fit and an array of pockets. The pants are available in eight different colours including variations of camo and are suitable for wearing daily indoors and out.

k90 overland helikon tex review
worth the money budget SFU trousers


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