How to Set the Compass on a Shogun Sport 2.5

How to Set the Compass on a Shogun Sport 2.5

How to Set the Compass on a Shogun Sport 2.5

How to set the compass on a Shogun Sport 2.5 in 4 easy steps:

  • Find an area which will allow you to drive the vehicle in a full 360 degree circle
  • Press the button on the compass
  • Press the button on the compass again – this time holding for 1 second
  • When the ‘S’ begins to rotate around the dial drive slowly in a 360 degree circle
  • The compass will now be set

Losing the handbook for your car can be an inconvenience making even the most simple of jobs almost impossible if you don’t have the correct instructions. One such example is setting the electronic compass on your first gen Shogun/Montero/Pajero or Challenger, easy when you know how…. the video below explains in 4 easy steps how the re-set the electronic compass.

When would you need to reset?

The electronic compass in the Shogun Sport + variants [1998 – 2009] is on a constant supply so essentially any time you disconnect the battery, the compass will need to be reset.

How long does the rest take?

Resetting the Shogun compass only takes a few moments, the key is to find a large area in which to drive a full 360 circle.

My compass no longer illuminates, is it the bulbs?

Quite possibly as this tends to be a common fault in the older Mitsubishi units. The electronic compass takes two bulbs which are different to the gauges either side of it. See this post for full instructions on changing the bulbs as well as the part number of the bulbs themselves.

shogun sport k90 service manual

The first generation Shogun Sport also lacked a Haynes manual common for other vehicles [if you find one let me know], for larger jobs on the Mitsubishi covering most aspects on the vehicle check out the workshop manuals available to download [PDF docs]

1800 1200 K90 Overland

K90 Overland

K90overland is Mac and Gayle, they have lived in Granada [Andalucia] since 2004 and began their budget overland build in 2019 documenting both the vehicle and their overlanding trips through the Andalucian region of Spain.

K90 Overland

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