Gear Review – IMEX El Zorro Tabletop Barbeque

Gear Review – IMEX El Zorro Tabletop Barbeque

The IMEX El Zorro Tabletop Barbeque is a Spanish made mini cast iron grill which is suited to cooking meals for one or two persons, a viable alternative to larger more bulky barbeques although still heavy for it’s size being made from wrought iron.

Moving away from gas has been on the cards for a while now and quick lunches [although there never really is any rush when we’re out overlanding] on the mini barbeque are a great alternative to frying on the gas stove.

IMEX El Zorro tabletop barbeque

Searching for the right tabletop barbeque was a bit of a minefield, there are some fantastic examples in the US, combined firepits and grill but taxes, import and delivery are way too much to even consider, instead we have the choice of our generaly smaller alternatives in the EU which, in this case is no bad thing.


Having watched a million Youtube videos on small camping bbq’s we stumbled across the IMEX El Zorro tabletop barbeque which had something a little different about it. It was smaller than we would have ideally liked but what it did have in it’s favour was quality – and a whole stack of very good reviews.

IMEX barbacoa resenas
best tabletop barbeque for overlanding
tabletop barbeque for camping

The ‘X’ design folding units were of interest initially, folding flat they offer a big space saving advantage and a larger grill area but they are also quite large when folded down, for example you need a pretty big box to put them in and lay flat – we had to have ours fit into our fire box quickly and easily.

Less moving parts means less to go wrong, coupled with the wrought iron build and compact design the IMEX El Zorro was the final choice, at €32.00 you can’t really go wrong.


  • Length: 31cm [34cm inc handles]
  • Depth: 21cm
  • Width: 14cm

Okay, so it’s by no means huge, the IMEX is a compact unit, you’re going to get three decent size pork chops on there or three chicken legs. The coals spread across a removable base which comes in two parts and the steel grill covers the available space edge to edge.

imex bbq
spanish made barbeques
IMEX El Zorro Tabletop Barbeque

Given it’s small dimensions, for us, this bbq fits as one whole unit into the bottom of our woodbox without any kind of folding or dismantling. Perfect.


The material is wrought iron so it’s heavy [3kg], certainly not a backpacking bbq even if you could fit it into a rucksack, this barbeque is suited to car camping and overlanding perfectly.

Who is it suitable for?

Again, the size dictates that you are not going to feed the whole family in one go from the IMEX. This small grill however is perfect for one person use or two person use. For our own purposes we got the IMEX for cooking lunches, throw on a couple of burgers or chops and the job’s a goodun in under 15 minutes.

collection firewood for tabletop bbq
collection sticks for bbq [and winter kindling]
IMEX El Zorro Tabletop Barbeque
Marinated hot pork sarnies going down well!


As mentioned above this compact barbeque is suitable for those who like to camp on their own or for couples. The unit is just the right size to cook a healthy lunch for two – or three at a queeze. Good for people who enjoy car camping or overlanders looking for a compact cooking system that offers the whole grilling experience.

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