Knife Law in Spain – What Can You Carry?

Knife Law in Spain – What Can You Carry?

Knife law in Spain

As with most laws in Spain which can change without notice knife law is also quite complex. For the purposes of this article we’ll assume that you are visiting Spain on an overland/camping trip and intend to bring your knife with you as part of your EDC gear.

Essentially you can carry a knife with a blade that is less than 11cm in length.

Simple right? Well not quite… If your knife [with a blade of 11cm or less] is double edged and has a point then this is illegal to carry in a public place, not illegal to own, just illegal to have on you. Generally speaking it is illegal to carry any knife in public unless it is justified. For example sporting activities, demonstrations or a professional where knives are a tool of the trade [ie chef]

knife law in spain
knife law in Spain

What is prohibited?

  • Swords
  • Switchblades
  • Butterfly knives
  • Double edge knives
  • Throwing knives
  • Knives with a blade length exceeding 11cm

Common sense

As responsible knife owners we all know that a good knife is an essential tool for overlanding, they can be used for a mutitude of tasks from cutting cable ties to stirring the tea when you forget the teaspoons, the key [should you be questioned by guardia or officials] is to justify why you are carrying the knife, common sense ‘should’ prevail after that.

overland knife
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As most of our time is spent outdoors in rural locations knife ownership whilst travelling in Spain should not prove to be an issue, leaving the knife behind in the vehicle while you stock up on supplies will prevent any unnecessary issues from cropping up.

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