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LED Lenser P7 SE [special edition] for Everyday Use

LED Lenser P7 SE [special edition] for Everyday Use

The LED Lenser P7 has been around for some time now and continues to be the go to torch for many due it’s size and versatility.

I first stumbled across the LED Lenser P7 back in 2015 when I was looking for a torch that would be good for light painting, many photographers were using the P7 and it came highly recommended. It wasn’t until many years later that I eventually got one and I have to say that it is a great piece of kit that I have been using most mornings now for walking the dog as well as for camping trips.

LED Lenser P7 SE
LED Lenser P7 SE

The LED Lenser P7 has a solid place in my EDC kit and here’s why:


The size of the P7 is ideal as it fits into almost every pocket while still remaining a substantial piece of kit. The torch has a lovely weight about it when the batteres are in and the grip is as good as it gets, not too thick and not to narrow either, couple this with the knurled finish and flat indents this torch is not going to slip from your hand even when wet.

lenser reviews
Pocket sized

Adding the pouch that comes with the torch does add some bulk but for EDC if you have a larger bag then this should not be a problem. My torch stays in my camera bag and during the winter in the pocket of my fleece for early morning dog walking.


I use my P7 primarily for dog walking in the early hours and also for camping/overlanding, the torch proved an excellent purchase on a road trip from Spain through France back to the UK where it was used daily, got dropped, got wet and served it’s purpose well through a very rainy and cold Storm Cieran.

  • Low Power 40 lumens, 100 meters for 25 hrs
  • Mid Power 120 lumens, 180 meters for 7 hrs
  • Standard Power 250 lumens, 220 meters for 2 hrs
  • Boost 500 lumens, a short burst of maximum power

I’m not going to get into all the tech specs here but for general purpose use including walking, hiking, camping, overlanding, dog walking etc then a couple of hundred lumens is all you are going to need, it’s more than sufficient.

are led lenser torches good?
quality materials

Perhaps what is more important is the throw of the beam and functionality of the unit itself, too many people get hung up on lumens and power when in fact there is no real benefit in having more than you need.

‘Boost mode’ is acheived by pressing the tail button twice in succession, the 500 lumens will last for 10 seconds. ‘Strobe effect’ is acheived by holding down the tail button.

The performance of the P7 will be more than good enough for most and given the small form factor of the torch combined with ample power the P7 is suited to numerous tasks and outdoor pursuits.


The ‘SE’ model [special edition] has a strobe effect: “light flashes with irritating dazzling effect, e.g. for self-defence”. While this is a nice edition, in reality if someone jumps out of a bush in front of you you’re more likely to hit them over the head with it than press the button continuously to activate the strobe. Still a nice edition though and better to have it than not right?

Length defocused130mm
Length focused140mm
Torch head diameter37mm
Torch tube [body] diameter30mm
IP classIPX4
Drop tested to100cm
Working temp range-20 to +40
LED colourWhite
MaterialAircraft grade aluminium
Switch typeTail cap push button

What you get:

The P7 is presented in a nice box which makes a great gift if you are buying this piece for someone else, the box in fact is almost too good to throw away. Inside the box as well as the P7 you get the following accessories.

  • 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Wrist Strap Lanyard
  • Storage Pouch [great quality] /velcro fastening
  • Metal Pocket Clip

One of the negatives, a least with my purchase was that the batteries were not even worth taking out of the cellophane as they lasted a grand total of one outing with the dog before going flat so it’s worth testing all the batteries particularly if you plan on keeping them as back up spares.

led lenser special edition p7
led lenser special edition p7

The lanyard I don’t use but it is good quality and the pouch is premium – very secure velcro fastening and thick enough to avoid damage to the torch if knocked or dropped. You also have the option to attach the pouch to your belt bag and the torch has a metal clip too – this will fall off when you change the batteries so beware of that.


Quality is what you expect when you buy a torch at this price point and it will put a smile on your face because the LED Lenser P7 is a very nice piece indeed. The company also backs up it’s products with a two year warranty that can be extended by an additional five years by registering your purchase online.

The Ledlenser P7 SE flashlight is durable, versatile and very powerful. The high quality LED bulb reaches a powerful 500 lumens in boost mode. Thanks to the new, extra grip surface, it also fits perfectly in the hand and is easy to operate. 

The black anodised finish is excellent and the focus action is smooth allowing for quick and easy beam adjustment when required. The accessories that arrive with the torch are all complimentary, nothing has been skimped on [except perhaps the batteries].

Alternative brands to consider

  • Fenix
  • Coast
  • Olight
  • Nitecore


The LED Lenser P7 is a compact piece of kit that punches well above its price point. For a torch that is small enough to carry around in your pocket with a more than sufficient brightness and adjustable beam then the P7 is a good choice. The IPX4 rating means that you don’t have to worry about the torch in light rain and if you do mange to drop it while out walking the dog the torch is robust enough to survive.

best led flashlights
tough and durable

There are of course alternatives and you can pay a lot of money for a good flashlight. The P7 comes in at around £50.00 – £60.00 in most places online, if you can find one for anywhere close to the £40.00 mark and you need some quality illumination then it’s a no brainer.


  • Need something much smaller? Check out the LED Lenser P3 – small enough to live in your sun visor.

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