Lexivon V14 Axe for Camping & Overlanding

Lexivon V14 Axe for Camping & Overlanding

Lexivon V14 Axe for Camping

The real quick answer to ‘do you need an axe for camping?’ is ‘No’, you don’t, it does however depend on the type of camping and overlanding you do. There should be no need for an axe if you stay at campsites unless there is a crazed killer on the loose, if like us you go off the beaten track into the hills then an axe can be a handy thing to have packed in the back of your rig and here’s why:

  • Chopping kindling to light a campfire or BBQ
  • Splitting logs
  • Clearing branches on the trail
  • Hammering in pegs
  • As a shovel to clear earth/dig
  • Processing fish [if you catch a big one!]
  • Protection

What size axe?

This will depend on what you foresee yourself using it for, if for an expedition where you’re likely going to be splitting logs in the wilderness then clearly a larger splitting axe is going to be suited to the job. For camping and general overlanding a small hand axe will do just fine for general tasks and fire prep, somewhere in the region of 12″- 16″ is ideal.

Axes we considered

fiskars camping axe

Fiskars X7

Length: 14″ inches [35.5cm]

EU / Spain price: €38.00

schrade camping axe

Shrade SCAXE10

Length: 11″ inches [28cm]

EU / Spain price: €38.00

sog axe for overlanding


Length: 11.5″ inches [28cm]

EU / Spain price: €50.00

gerber hatchet for overlanding

Gerber 9″ Black Hatchet

Length: 9″ inches [23cm]

EU / Spain price: €56.00

lexivon axe for overlanding

Lexivon V14

Length: 14″ inches [35.5cm]

EU / Spain price: €25.00

There are no poor quality tools in the considerations above and for the price point they are premium axes/hatchets, looking at some of the online reviews and Youtube videos on all of these products any one of them would have been a sound choice, there are of course more brands out there to consider too.

For our needs we went with the budget Lexivon at €24.99 as we couldn’t justify a forty or fifty euro tool packed in the back of the Shogun just for occasional use [we put together a fire kit with the money saved instead].

Lexivon V14 Performance

First up, this axe comes with a lifetime unlimited warranty which is always a bonus. The handle is a fiberglass composite and is strong – stronger than a wooden handle at this price point, the head is drop forged, grade A carbon steel and together the axe is well balanced, the right weight and makes kindling we ease.

Aggressive cutting angles design for better and efficient contact | Ideal for firewood, gardening, hiking, and many outdoor activities

This axe won’t take up much space in the back of your rig or overlanding toolbox, if it’s warranted then this camping axe is a good investment, you won’t be using it all the time but when you do need it, it is indispensable

So is the Lexivon V14 axe for camping and/or overlanding? Yes, for €25.00 you can’t go wrong.

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