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El Bosque Orce [Granada] Fire up the BBQ

El Bosque Orce [Granada] Fire up the BBQ

El Bosque Orce

El Bosque Orce or the recreation area is situated in the surrounding woodland of Orce village, from an overlanding point of view the area is a decent stop off point and is very secluded. Due to its rural location in the foothills of the Sierras this recreation area sees little use and with the exception of peak season there is generally nobody there.

El Bosque Orce can be reached via several routes and forms part of a mini ‘ruta’ through woodland and countryside starting from and ending up in the village. By far easiest route is the main track [which is sign posted] however you need to be prepared for a bumpy ride as the there is a stretch of 3km which feels like a cattle grid all the way, a real boneshaker.

There are actually five or six routes to this place, the location sees tracks through the woodland leading all over the place so it’s well worth an explore around, some of these woodland trails lead to clearings where you ‘could’ wild camp with a roof tent although strictly speaking not permitted.

Upon arrival there a couple of old forestry buildings, a water house. a ruin and a reminder that fire is a constant hazard with a helipad.

There is plenty of space to park up, you could even park up in the woods if you need more seclusion but the concrete tables and seating, while sounding very industrial are strategically placed under large pine trees with hanging branches and shade providing some welcome relief from the midday sun, you can even get the gas stove on there and set up your cooking if you like.

“it is forbidden, during all seasons of the year, to light fires for any use other than the preparation of food in places expressly prepared for that purpose, with the exception of the use of fire in agricultural activities”.

El Bosque Orce does not enjoy an elevated position, for that you have to continue down the tracks to find the local mines which form part of the circuit. The recreation area is surrounded by trees and mountains and while it may be at 3000ft it feels enclosed which is no bad thing when it comes to protection from the elements.

In surrounding woodland you can find bee hives, even more trails and a sense of being right out there in the middle of nowhere, this area is also well worth a trip in the winter after snowfall.

As a stop off [or even overnighter] the location is a nice one, it has always been clean every time we have passed through which is probably down to under-use, out of season there are also barbeques that can be used [note the dates] with plenty of firewood to collect just yards away.

from June 1st to October 15th, a period of high risk of forest fires in Andalucía, the use of fire and the transit of motor vehicles in the forest areas and their area of influence is forbidden

While El Bosque Orce may not be as interesting as some other similar areas in the region it is quiet, very much out of the way so if that is what you are looking for and are in the Altiplano region a visit would be recommended for some peace and isolation.

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