Embalse Anchuricas [Jaén] – Emerald Green Water

Embalse Anchuricas [Jaén] – Emerald Green Water

Embalse Anchuricas

Embalse Anchuricas – Miller is one of those hidden gems in the south of Spain, looking at Google maps to plan an overlanding trip you could quite easily miss it as the reservoir is so small however places like these are well worth searching out as they can throw up a real surprise.

Situated north of the village Santiago de Espada the trip to get to this reservoir is just as good as the water itself, we are talking tarmac roads here so no off roading, sometimes you just need to chill on a Sunday and take in the scenery… Coming from the south of the water the max elevation is 5700ft, right up in the mountains with switchbacks and plenty of the places to pull in and admire the views – the drops are dramatic to say the least.

embalse anchuricas
embalse anchuricas miller
reservoirs in andalucia

38.1959° N, 2.5430° W

Looking at some of the images whilst planning there were a few comments too about the emerald green colour of the water, it is quite simply stunning. There is one road on the north side of the lake which we navigated slowly as to try and find somewhere to get down to the water’s edge, unfortunately there only seems to be a couple of places where this is possible due to the terrain as the water is surrounded by steep wooden hillside.

k90 overland
dead and track to the water’s edge
overlanding southern Spain
wooded hillside making the water temptingly close…

The opportunities to stop are frequent as there are dozens of places to pull in around the reservoir, you get an elevated view of the water through the trees. While the water itself may well be the focal point of the area you can also explore further afield and find camping, recreation areas and the odd place to deviate from the main road and find a spot near the river

It has to be said that Embalse Anchuricas is probably one of the most well kept areas we have visited thus far in Andalucia [see other reservoirs we have visited]. You simply can’t go wrong with a location like this for a bit of family overlanding. If you’re an avid hiker then then the area won’t disappoint either as there are plenty of trails, the landscape is pretty special, rugged and rocky at the base of the valley to high mountain ridges.

Our only complaint [if you can call it that] is not being able to get to the waters edge in more places, having said that though perhaps the reason you can’t prevents this place from being busier than it is. For a day getting back to nature, to relax and take your overlanding easy we highly recommend sticking a pin in this one.

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