Rambla de la Rogativa [Murcia] with added sheep

Rambla de la Rogativa [Murcia] with added sheep

Rambla de la Rogativa is classified as an area of community importance and we stumbled across this place on way to embalse del Taibilla. The landscape is rugged and mountainous and while overlanding through what seems mountain terrain you suddenly come across a recreation area, shaded by trees with tables dotted around area this part of the Rambla de la Rogativa is a pleasant place to stop and make a coffee.

As with many areas similar to this the main usage is for the farmer, you can also find beekeeping and general recreation, this is the kind of place where you can really get back to nature, even if only for a brief stop.

rambla de la rogativa
rambla de la rogativa recreation area
rambla de la rogativa
rambla de la rogativa information

rambla de la rogativa
access road

Get lucky and you might even spot an eagle owl, there are also several very rare species in the area, what we were met with though was a friendly shepherd and a lot of sheep and goats who had taken over the recreation area.

Sheep are something you will see a lot of if you are overlanding in rural Andalucia, out in the campo, on the road and accompanied by one or several scruffy looking dogs which, are very well trained.

spanish sheep
sheep in spain
spanish shepherds

Access through the recreation area is via dirt track, we also found a water run off from the supply that feeds the drinking troughs [water is not drinkable/for livestock only] The area, besides from the inevitable natural waste left from the occasional influx of sheep and goats is clean, well kept and shaded, you can park your rig under natural shade and grab a table a few yards away to sit and relax.

rural recreation areas murcia
stone clad tables at Rambla de la Rogativa
wooden bat boxes
bat boxes
ramba de la rogativa
rugged terrain

All in all a pleasant place to stop with a few things to explore on foot, a real natural retreat which is very quiet and while large enough to accommodate a few dozen people perhaps at the recreation area the location of this area means it will usually be very quiet – except for the sheep…

Below is a brief video, the first in a series of two minute trail takes detailing roads, access and surroundings of a few places we overland in Andalucia.

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