Sierra de María-Los Vélez [Almeria] Exploring the Mountains

Sierra de María-Los Vélez [Almeria] Exploring the Mountains

The Sierra de María-Los Vélez natural park is just across the border between the province of Granada and Almeria. The park covers just over 220km2 so not large but still plenty to explore.

The park is always a safe bet for a day out overlanding, the tracks can be challenging in places but in general it’s a great area simply to drive through, explore and stop off to cook breakfast, enjoy the climate and natural surroundings.

Sierra de María-Los Vélez
sierra de María-Los Vélez natural park
sea to summit delta mug
coffee stop

One thing we love about this place is that it’s quiet, there are recreation areas that never appear to be busy but climb the tracks in the mountains and you are pretty much on your own. On the west side of the park trials are clearly sign posted, even the hiking trails at altitude [3200ft approx] are clear, drive through and the scenery changes regularly, one minute you are in woodland, the next in olive groves.

spanish roads in maria
Sierra de María-Los Vélez

37°42′27″N 2°07′55″W

One thing that is made abundantly clear is that there is no camping of any description at Sierra de María-Los Vélez so if you are looking to spend the night then it might be better to look elswhere or check out the campsite near the town of Maria on the edge of the park.

Choices of tracks are numerous with plently of smaller off-roads, keep travelling through the park and you can make your way to Valdeinfierno dam and double back down the other side of the park.

waterfalls in maria
Sierra de María waterfalls
Sierra de María-Los Vélez waterfall
admiring the view

Finding water always keeps the kids happy and there is a river that run through the park, dry in places but sometimes if you get lucky after some rain you can discover this waterfall. We wouldn’t be getting in as it’s too muddy but the rocks around water are unusual, good for photography and you can also creep your 4×4 closer to the edge to keep off the dirt track.

Sierra de María-Los Vélez
parking off track Sierra de María-Los Vélez

All in all, we’d say that the park is well worth a visit, it’s geographic location also means that that you can drive through it as part of a longer overlanding journey, avoiding the main roads and doing what it’s all about


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