Mitsubishi Shogun Paracord Grab Handles

Mitsubishi Shogun Paracord Grab Handles

Mitsubishi Shogun Paracord Grab Handles

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best, I’d always liked the grab handles on the JEEP’s, more for aesthetics than anything else and thought that a few feet of paracord would add something a little different to the interior of the Shogun. Plus, paracord is handy stuff to have so a few extra meters of it conveniently stored out of the way in the cab would never come in wrong.

100m paracord roll

There is no doubt a way to make your own Shogun paracord grab handles but I wanted something quick and easy, there was nothing wrong with the factory fitted handles, they were just a bit grey, plastic finish and drab.

shogun paracord grab handles
Mitsubishi grab handle removed

The paracord we used was 3mm – each grab handle needs 5 meters of cord for coverage with some left over, this was using a simple knot on each side.

shogun paracord grab handles
paracord grab handles [rear]
shogun paracord grab handles
small budget paracord project

For the rear triangular shaped grab handles I removed them [simple removal of two screws] to make the wrapping easier, the front grab handle on the pillar [passenger side] is best left on as you can wrap more cord around it when in place.

On the aesthetics front we think that the cord looks great, its useable too if the need should ever arise. The cord wrap just adds something different, as an interior accessory its cheap and you can be as unique as you want considering the range of colours paracord comes in.

Nice little project for under €20,00

Have you done anything interesting with paracord on your rig? Made your own handles or other accessory from paracord?

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