Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes [First Generation]

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes [First Generation]

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport paint codes, first generation Shogun Sport paint colours can be confusing – Here’s what to watch out for.

Many of the colours from Mitsubishi for the Shogun Sport [1st gen] where quite funky, your typical late 90’s / early 2000’s era, we like that and also like the fact that there were not that many colours for this particular model of Shogun.

For the early models you have around a dozen colours – this does not include the two tone models which were popular on the continent, for the UK market especially as the Sport grew older there were three main colours: black, blue and silver.

Finding the exact match online can be a challenge, for our own Shogun we have the paint code A71 which is silver, ‘SEATTLE SILVER’ to be more accurate. There is however another silver called ‘HAMILTON SILVER’ which has the same paint code and is ultimately the same paint.

Using the above we can assume that the names for the paint are not accurate so the actual codes are the thing to pay attention to.

Where is the code on the vehicle?

The best way to get the paint colour code for the Shogun is from the vehicle itself. On older models from 1998-2008 you can get the code from the ID plate in the engine bay – pop the bonnet and you will see a stainless steel rectangular plate riveted to the vehicle near the right hand side headlight.

The paint code should be the last piece of info on there and will have ‘COLOUR INT’ just before the three digit code which is stamped into the plate.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes:

Below we have the Misubishi Shogun Sport paint codes, please note that the colours are for indicitive purposes only. There will no doubt be more colours – if you find one let me know so that I can add it to this list!

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes

Mitsubishi paint name: ROANNE RED PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: P78


Mitsubishi paint name: MEDIUM GRAY PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: A75

mtsibushi paint pyranes black pearl x08

Mitsubishi paint name: PYRANEES BLACK PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: X08

Mitsubishi Seattle silver metallic a71


Mitsubishi paint code: A71

mitsubishi shogun commercial Sophia White W09

Mitsubishi paint name: GALAXY WHITE PEARL TRI COAT

Mitsubishi paint code: W75

Mitsubishi shogun sport Fraser Sundan Beige Metallic S74

Mitsubishi paint name: FRASER [SUNDAN] BEIGE METALLIC

Mitsubishi paint code: S74

mitsubishi shogun Memphis Blue Pearl T11

Mitsubishi paint name: MEMPHIS BLUE PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: T11


Mitsubishi paint name: TIMBER GREEN PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: G13


Mitsubishi paint name: SATELLITE SILVER METALLIC

Mitsubishi paint code: A69

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes

Mitsubishi paint name: SOPHIA WHITE

Mitsubishi paint code: WO9

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes

Mitsubishi paint name: QUEENS SILVER PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: A21

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Paint Codes

Mitsubishi paint name: FAIRY WHITE

Mitsubishi paint code: W32


Mitsubishi paint name: FOREST GREEN PEARL

Mitsubishi paint code: F26 / G26


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