Gear Review – Molle Visor Panel, Cheap Storage for the 4X4

Gear Review – Molle Visor Panel, Cheap Storage for the 4X4

Molle Visor Panel [tactical gear] – it’s cheap, easy to fit and very, very functional.

Anyone who has a 1st generation Shogun Sport will know that these vehicles do not come with all the bells and whistles in the interior, in fact the interior is quite minimalistic which for us is ideal as it means that there is less to go wrong.

The Shogun Sport is however lacking in interior storage space, sure you have the center console, glove box [very small] and door pockets but that is about it. A molle visor panel adds additional storage for the smaller things the overlander might need to hand such as maps, pens, cards or USB charging cables.

molle visor panel
tactical molle visor

Very reasonably priced these molle panels are functional enough to add space to store all the small stuff, the Shogun has plain sun visors [you can’t even slip a map in there] so the molle visor panel is the ideal solution.

Fitting is easy, each panel comes with two elasticated straps which are adjustable and simply tie around your visor. Obviously you can’t fill these molle panels up to the hilt but for smaller, flat items they are ideal.

tactical visors for car

There is no doubt that you can spend quite a lot of money on molle gear, there is a reason the forces use it and that is because it is so functional. Inside the vehicle, the sky really is the limit on molle configurations. At €12.99 each the visor panels are well priced too, a cheap product from China perhaps but given the fact that they won’t be subjected to any daily rigors sometimes a cheap option is as good a anything else.

Do you have a molle storage system in your overland rig? What are you using?


After a year of regular use the molle panels are holding up well and have become a highly convenient way of storing small items. The panels are in use frequently particularly for pens, lighters and mini torches when out wild camping. Highly recommended.


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