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Project Shogun Sport 2.5td

We began our Shogun project overland build in Autumn 2020 by exporting a 2001 example direct from the UK to Spain. While this was a complicated exercise [particularly on the brink of Brexit] it did, for us work out better not just in initial outlay but in the quality of the vehicle obtained especially with reference to general condition and half the mileage compared to a Spanish example

The Shogun arrived on the Transporter  in October and before anything else it was head on into the Spanish ‘matriculation’ [changing the plates]

This was a long winded process and although being the third time we had undertaken the job no less complicated.

Legalities finally complete three months later it was time to get stuck into some vehicle modifications and ‘get out there’.

This is about how we tackled the Shogun project, for a more detailed insight check out the blog.

shogun sport project

Chassis Resto

Salty roads in the UK , first job was to clean off all the old underseal which had been on for years, grind off the rust, prep and re-paint. Old underseal can do more harm than good when moisture gets trapped behind it so the best part of a week was spent under the Shogun tidying up. Luckily there was no major tin worm damage and only surface rust.

overland build
overland build
cleaning a rusty chassis

Storage system

Do you really need a drawer system? For budget overland build there is a simple solution and this is a DIY job. An outlay of just over €100 and a few days work [on and off] we created a simple setup to allow storage boxes underneath a pull out table and more storage on top to help separate gear.

The system works well and is pretty much all you need to get up and running, being able to cook out of the back of the vehicle and have things organised and in their place.

Read the full, detailed project here.

overland drawer system diy
drawerless drawer system

Springs & Bushes

Adding more weight in the back meant that the Shogun was starting to knock a little off road so a spring replacement was in order. Keeping the vehicle stock we went with standard ride height Monroe’s and replaced the anti roll bar bushing and drop links, new rubber dampers were also fitted. Link rods needed to be cut off due to seized bolts and a new plates made for the dampers.

shogun sport coil springs
pajero sport k90 anti roll bar bushes
shogun sport coil springs

Alloy wheel refurb [full dip]

Having endured 20 years of UK roads plus whatever else the wheels had seen since 2001 the Shogun alloys were looking well worn, heavily oxidized and just generally tatty. One option at a later date is to replace the alloys but initially we just did a tidy up with a liquid vinyl.

Not a complex job but plenty of elbow grease required, as with all jobs like this it really is all in the preparation – here is how we refurbed the Shogun alloys

All Terrain's

Upgrading the tyres, the existing Bridgestone’s that came with the Shogun were at the lower end of the all terrain tyre spectrum so we swapped them out with an all round set of four FALKEN WILDPEAK AT3W’s making a huge difference to the ride and handing.

retro 4x4 rims
falken wildpeak at3 fitting

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