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Overland Photography

Never forget the camera, you just never know what might be around the corner… Here we have several image galleries detailing our overland travels across Spain. We shoot because we enjoy it and in 2022 changed camera system to get more ‘back to basics’ and away from DSLR ‘work mode’, as such the images in these collections are a simple reminder of our overland adventures and not something to be taken too seriously.

k90 overland


This selection of images should actually be called 23mm since we moved over to our fixed lens Fuji. The gallery is predominantly made up of images of the Shogun taken at various locations across southern Spain. Nothing award winning in here- just shooting because we enjoy it and putting the fun back into photography.

Overland Lifestyle

A behind the scenes look at K90 Overland with images taken across Spain beginning in the early days, documenting our overland travels and inspiring others to do the same. Don’t forget to check out the K90 Youtube channel too for a more in depth look at family overlanding in Spain.

exploring barrancos
overland landscape photography


Overlanding in Spain offers impressive views at almost very turn ranging from bodies of water, mountain ranges and landscapes even Hollywood couldn’t get enough of for old spaghetti westerns. This selection is from our first year overlanding in Andalucia.


Shot in monochrome these black and white’s were a quick shoot inside a working warehouse in early 2021. The approach was to get close and feature the Mitsubishi from a range of angles concentrating on the details and lines of the vehicle with a suggestion of an urban setting.

video latest

Overlanding photography and video

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For regular videos covering short overland trips, Mitsubishi Shogun related bits and product reviews. Nothing serious, we just do it because we like to 🙂

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