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Overland Non First Aid Essentials – Spain Ready Kit

Overland Non First Aid Essentials – Spain Ready Kit

Overland Non First Aid Essentials, a look at what we keep in the rig for non emergencies and preventitive measures.

Every overlander needs to be carrying a comprehensive first aid kit, our own is a 96 piece kit with all the essentials you need to carry out basic first aid.

In Spain you need to carry a first aid kit in your car by law anyway but when you are out and about exploring, a first aid kit becomes something more serious to think about as there are hazards in Spain that are different to the UK for example, these include stings and bites, sunburn etc.

non first aid essentials including suncream and afterbite
non first aid essentials including suncream and afterbite

In hotter climates there may be few extras to consider for your overland non first aid essentials – perhaps more if you are overlanding or camping out with young children. Here in Spain we have some ‘nasties’ that might require the application of creams or lotion that may not be a standard in your usual first aid kit.

Sun Cream

There is no getting away from the sun in Spain, it’s strong and doesn’t take long to begin burning you. It’s also easy to get caught out, we have kids so the sun cream is always part of our kit, just a 200ml bottle to save on space but it’s always replaced religiously. Temperatures on a clear day can climb well into the forties [celcius]

After Sun Lotion

For when you begin to turn that little bit pink, always handy to have just in case the sun does manage to get you. In Spain the sun can be deceptively strong and it takes very little time for it to ruin your day.

Mosquito Repellent

This can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and not especially if you are camping. We get bitten all the time here in Andalucia and that is just in the house, fly repellent is a good weapon to have in your arsenal as lakes [or any body of water] can be a nightmare for biting flies.

After Bite

Come to southern Spain and you will get bitten by something with wings, it’s inevitable, just like going on holiday abroad if you have sweet blood then you are a target, after bite does bring some relief, again, important if you are overlanding with kids.

Overland Non First Aid Essentials

Antiseptic Cream

Multi use cream for all kinds of situations from bites to cuts antiseptic cream is a handy one to have if your first aid kit does have it already.

Hand Sanitizer

Something we are all very used to since Covid, in the house, in your bag, in the 4×4 we just carry it everywhere just to cover all bases. Besides the pandemic hand sanitizer is also a good one to have anyway when you’re camping. [think toilet activities]

Face Masks

Again, since Covid the face mask is now commonplace, we have ours stuffed in the sun visors and also a stash on the boot. You never know where you are going to be or who is going to be there so you can never have too many face masks.

non first aid kit esentials overlanding Spain

Storing these overland non first aid essentials needn’t take up much room either, if space is at an absolute premium then there is always ‘somewhere’ for a small molle pouch.

Keep your bottles and tubes small to save on both space and weight, it’s not all of the time you will need it but when you do you’ll be glad you’ve got it.

What extras do you carry in addition to your first aid kit?

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