Overland Sunday Test Drive

Overland Sunday Test Drive

Overland Sunday – finding a cure for the itch for our new found enthusiasm in overlanding can be a challenge at the moment with kids school term time and Covid 19.

Spain isn’t doing too well and our local village has seen a surge in cases since the Easter holidays, as a result we are lockdown or at least not allowed to leave the village.

Luckily we have the campo [Spanish countryside] on the door step so we don’t have to go very far to get isolated.

overland sunday
overland Sunday test drive in the mist

The weather at this time of year is also very changeable, the area tends to have its own microclimate and the seasons of Spring and Autumn last what seems like just a few days. The tell tale signs that Summer is around the corner is misty weather and couple of storms then its full on into 40 degree heat!

This particular Sunday saw mist over the tops of the mountains – exactly where we were going.

weather in andalucia
overland weather

Pea soup. Any thoughts that this might clear were dashed as soon as we got up there, only a few meters of altitude make all the difference so these views and the bacon sarnie would have to wait.

planning local route using Google maps

Using Google maps for the campo is very handy indeed, even within just a few miles there are dozens of tracks that invite you to explore the woodland, get in the thick of it and you could, quite easily become lost.

beehives in andalucian woodland
Spanish beehives in local woods

You never know what you might come across on an overland Sunday…. [above] Beehives deep in the Andalucian woodland.

overland build shogun
Shogun parked up in a secluded spot

Finding the spot and getting the coffee on the go, and oh yeah, it’s quiet… The main purpose of this run was to put the Shogun into the types of situation we would regularly be experiencing, having not had the 4×4 for that long we figured that if anything was going happen it would be more favourable to have it happen closer to home.

It’s a strong old beast and eats up the track, closely listening to knocks and all other manner of sounds 20 year old 4×4’s make brought us to the conclusion that there was nothing major going on however there are plans for changing all the suspension components before things get serious.

mines in granada
k90 overland

Covid permitting this is what overland Sundays may look like here in southern Spain for the foreseeable, we have to be thankful though that this is close to where we live and still achievable at weekends, at the end of the day it’s getting out there that matters.

Overland location reviews [Altiplano de Granada]

1800 1197 K90 Overland

K90 Overland

K90overland is Mac and Gayle, they have lived in Granada [Andalucia] since 2004 and began their budget overland build in 2019 documenting both the vehicle and their overlanding trips through the Andalucian region of Spain.

K90 Overland

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