LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights

LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights

LED Lenser P3 Overlanding Flashlights

You can never have too many light sources when you venture outdoors for a camping trip or overlanding adventure. Being reliant on your rig is fine but light is crucial when it comes to activities after dark and not everything will be by your vehicle.

For a camp set up we have two Black Diamond Moji lights, more of an ambient light but ideal for hanging in the tent or from the awning. We also have an LED bar wired to the inside of the rear hatch and a light on the NOCO GB40 jump starter.

Flashlights [or torches as us Brits call them] are handy for everything else from wheel changes, engine diagnostics, viewing terrain to simply walking the dog. Our choice was the LED Lenser P3 and we purchased two of them.

The size of the Lenser P3 is it’s big advantage, at only 9cm in length it also comes with a handy clip meaning you can attach it to quite a lot of spots around the rig, especially if you are using a molle system, ours are clipped onto the molle sun visors – one for the driver and one for the passenger.

As an EDC these Lenser flashlights will also fit in your kit, camera bag, pocket and on your keychain.


  • Length: 90mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Battery: 1 x AAA [max 6 hour run time]
  • Water resistance: IPX4
  • Dust resistance: IPXX
  • Lumens: 25
  • Range: 31 meters

These compact overlanding flashlights are way more powerful than you might think, in fact they have no business being this good for their small size but LED Lenser have managed it. What we also like is the simplicity of the on/off button which is located on the end of the handle – press it to turn on the torch and again to turn it off, no flashing signals or 70’s disco modes, just on and off. Great.

Included Accessories:

  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • Hand strap
  • Keyring
  • Pouch
  • Pocket clip

LED Lenser P3 clipped onto sun visor
LED Lenser P3 – 90mm length / head 19mm

Alternatives / Overlanding Flashlights

There are of course a multitude of flashlight/torch options out there and once again it pays to put your money into quality, I had a cheap LED torch given to me for Christmas once and it died after three months so besides LED Lenser what other options are there?


The above brands are all top quality gear, we’ve had the COAST HP14 for five years and it remains a great performer, for the rest, the reviews are all good no matter where you look so it pretty much all depends on your budget and to some extent the features you might need.

For us the P3 fit the bill at only €14.00 euros, given the quality of the flashlight and its performance it’s for nothing, in fact we’re considering two more for our fire kit and first aid kit.

What flashlights are you using and how many do you have for your outdoor adventure trips?

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