Overlanding Photo Blog – Testing New Gear [FUJI X100v]

Overlanding Photo Blog – Testing New Gear [FUJI X100v]

Overlanding Photo Blog – Testing New Gear

Switching camera systems can be daunting, the majority of the change is within the menu system, swapping from DSLR to mirrorless is also something a bit different so when you throw in the fact that the X100 we chose from Fuji is a fixed focal length of 23mm [35mm equivilent] you might think we are slightly mad.

To cut a long story short it all made sense to us for a variety of reasons and the best way to get your head around a new camera system is of course to get out and use it which is exactly what we’ve been doing at every opportunity since the X100v was opened on Christmas day.

Overlanding Photo Blog
Overlanding Photo Blog
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El Torre Del Salar is an old watchtower near to our village in Granada/Andalucia and while interesting enough on it’s own if you like that kind of thing [after a challenging climb too] it was more the location of the tower that I was interested in.

The terrain around this part of the ‘campo’ is simply stunning, I wrote on Instagram that it could be the Wild West and looking at the landscape again it could also be ‘The Land that Time Forgot’, areas like this in Andalucia are unlike any other part of Spain, while it may be hot and dusty for a large part of the year you will never tire of the landscape and scenery.

granada landscape

Getting on with the X100 has been easier than expected, it is a very accomplished piece of kit and enjoyable to use. The flip up and down rear LCD screen opens up opportunities for lower and highwer angles – something that would have been infinitely more challenging with my fixed screen K3, it’s nice to have that feature again and avoid being belly down in the dust just to get that shot!

6 years since my last camera purchase and you can see immediatly where technology has progressed, besides from being mirrorless which was still in it’s infancy back in 2014/15 the entire X100v package blows my K3 out the water, image quality is way better, focussing is faster, more reliable and there are a myriad of tech specs that all out-perform both of my DSLR’s.

shogun sport images
shogun sport images
shogun sport images

Being a Fuji you do of course have all those film simulations to investigate too, Fuji X Weekly was my first port of call and using those along with X Raw Studio then finishing in Lightroom seems to be the best workflow for me at the moment although that could well change.

Overlanding photo blog, a new page on this site just for pics and something we are taking a somewhat different approach to. Having ran a photography website in the past with all the galleries and proofing etc it’s difficult to get out of that mindset, this website however is more about inspiring others to get outside, start overlanding and get back to nature, as such we are changing our approach to the images we take for K90 Overland and will be throwing on more of a lifestyle/Travel twist.

There will of course always be the Shogun…

shogun sport 2002
ox the dog


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K90overland is Mac and Gayle, they have lived in Granada [Andalucia] since 2004 and began their budget overland build in 2019 documenting both the vehicle and their overlanding trips through the Andalucian region of Spain.

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