Gear Review – Overmont Camp Kettle Coffee on a Budget

Gear Review – Overmont Camp Kettle Coffee on a Budget

The Overmont camp kettle is a budget offering found on Amazon, it is lightweight and does the job for little money

As part of rebuilding our camping equipment setup a kettle is high on the priority list, a coffee first thing in the morning is crucial for the overlander [or tea in the case of my better half] and the kettle is without doubt one of the most used items in the camp kitchen.

Replacing a full range of camp kitchen gear can be a costly business if done all at once so to get us out and on the road we are approaching the task with budget in mind until we can gradually upgrade later.

overmont camp kettle
Overmont camp kettle


  • Dimensions 15 x 14 x 9cm
  • Capacity 1.2ltr
  • Material – anodized aluminium [food grade]
  • Insulated non slip handle
  • Weight 227g
  • Folding handle
  • Can be used on open fire
overmont camp kettle
Overmont camp kettle
best cheap camping kettle
handy draw string sack

So how does it perform? The Overmont camp kettle has a slightly thickened base however it boils a liter of water in around 5 minutes on the gas ring. Would we use it on the camp fire? At a push, perhaps but in general we think that this kettle is best suited to light use on gas. Compared to our old camping kettle which withstood all manner of abuse this one is unlikely to fair as well but for less than €18 euros is does the job.

Overmont camp kettle, a budget kettle that does the job


A nice little camp kettle that will get you started camping or overlanding for a good price, it comes in a handy carry net, is easy to use and for two large cups of coffee the capacity is just right, it fills two Sea to Summit Delta mugs in one boil.

Where to buy? – Amazon, the product descriptions on Amazon are a bit sketchy but don’t let this put you off, the reviews, in the main, are very good. A great starter camp kettle to get you out and about fuelled with coffee.

2 years on: This little kettle keeps on going although we do use it less now as we normally heat our water using the Petromax FK2. Our only complaint with this kettle is that is does slide off a camping stove very easily so you have to be level.


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