A look at some of the diverse landscape in Andalucia

overland photography spain

Exploring the Sierras of southern spain and discovering hidden gems along the way


Getting out and about to explore rural areas of southern Spain does on occasion throw up some surprises. Some trails lead to nothing while others take you to places you never knew existed.


They say it’s all about the journey and not the destination but some places turn out to be so breathtaking it’s hard not to have them be the focus of the trip, this is what overlanding is about, exploring, being inspired and enjoying freedom. 

overland landscape photography
overland landscape photography


The terrain in southern Spain is varied, a mixture of mountains, arrid landscape and rough, rocky topography. Finding a place to wild camp can be a challenge. Waterfalls can be found although you do need to seek them out of season is the best time to visit to avoid the heat and the crowds – Spring and Autumn are just as spectacular in these hidden locations.

taking it all in…

There is nothing quite like driving up to the top of a hill and settling down to take in the views. This something that is perfectly possible in almost every rural area of Andalucia where you’ll find trails leading to ‘viewing platforms’ and beyond.

When the air is still you are at one with your surroundings, there is a peace, a sense of wellbeing and a calm that is good for the soul.

overland landscape photography

Structures: One of the more common structures that can be be seen is the ‘watchtower’ or ‘Atalaya’, found in elevated positions across the landscape these old towers are worth a hike for the 360 views they enjoy.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

– Rachel Carsen

overland landscape photography


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