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Replacing Interior LED Bulbs – Shogun Sport

Replacing Interior LED Bulbs – Shogun Sport

Replacing interior LED bulbs in your Shogun Sport will make a big difference, courtesy lights in older vehicles using tungsten bulbs tend to be a bit dull and while they are OK for getting in and out of the car, for overlanding and needing to see what you are doing a bit more at night LED’s are the way to go.

Vehicles obviously differ but there are four locations in a Shogun Sport k90 where you can swap out the old bulbs for new LED.

Front roof console [2 bulbs]

Roof lining center above rear seats [1 bulb]

Roof lining rear above luggage area [1bulb]

Front door trim [1 bulb each side]

Front Roof Console

I left the bulbs in the door trim as I saw no advantage to replacing them but the interior bulbs were all to be renewed. Starting at the front – there are two bulbs in the roof center console, each has its own button. Our Shogun has a sunroof so we have the shorter console but removal should be pretty much the same.

shogun roof console removal
shogun sport led lights

There are 4 screws to remove the plastic console – two are located on the underside nearest the windscreen and are hidden by circular plastic flaps. Once the console is free from the roof liner you will see where the bulbs are – a plastic surround needs to be unclipped to allow access to the bulb [putting this clip back in after changing the bulb can be a fiddly job]

Roof Lights

Easy enough job with some gentle prizing and persuasion. The good news is that the other ceiling lights are even easier to access, use a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic light cover and replace the bulb – don’t make the same mistake we did and buy the wrong size, the size you need for the ceiling lights is 30mm.

shogun sport k90 service manual

Dirty Contacts

Since getting the Shogun the roof light in the boot never worked, being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like this a non working interior light tends to bug me – a lot! First port of call is of course changing the bulb so when that doesn’t work it’s usually a faulty connection when can be anywhere.

Before tracing wires it pays to look at and clean all of the contacts going to the light unit itself and if that delivers no results it’s time to remove the light [easy 1 minute job].

changing car interior light bulbs
car interior led bulb swap

Our light unit was hacky dirty inside, not so as would notice though, it was more the contacts inside the unit covered with what can only be described as ‘gunk’ and probably twenty years worth.

You can see how the contacts work by sliding the plastic light cover – anything sticky/hairy/oily or otherwise will have a dramatic affect on the light’s ability to work. Getting the contacts lightly wire brushed with a dremel tool then cleaned solved the issue straight away.

car led bulbs from amazon

Funnily enough the center ceiling light was clean as a whistle so perhaps the location of the light had something to do with it, more moisture or exposure the elements being in the boot?

Anyway, replacing LED interior bulbs in your Shogun Sport is a straight forward job and one that makes a big difference, well worth 15 minutes of your time.

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