Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras [Albacete]

Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras

Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras [Albacete]

Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras

After a visit to a nearby reservoir we swung back around and drove through the reserva natural sierra de las cabras which is located in the province of Albacete. Having spent most of the day at Embalse del Taibilla we decided that some more challenging track would be in order for the journey home with a stop off for a late lunch.

Planning the trip using GAIA gps always allows you to be sure of directions but never what to expect, Google earth also has it’s limitations and as with all overlanding you can zoom in to see what you can but you never really get the full picture until you are there.

Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras
Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras

Being a nature reserve you get exactly that – nature, the Reserva Natural Sierra de Las Cabras is at an altitude of just under 6000ft at it’s highest point and you get all the views you would expect from this type of trail in rural Spain.

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It’s a nice drive but to be brutally honest there isn’t much to explore, there are places to stop and there is a lot of wood, this nature reserve is clearly subject to logging, in fact if you are overlanding from the UK and are familiar with Kielder Water then this place is just like Kielder with a touch more sun… perhaps 20 degrees more.

You may need to engage 4-low on a couple of occasions but the track is by no means a challenge, with nothing at the peak except a one vehicle parking spot you will find yourself on the way back down towards the village of Cañada de la Cruz rather quickly. That said, the alternative is to go the tarmac route and we all know that there is no fun i that.

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Most overlanding trips in rural southern Spain will have you driving by old ruins and this route is no exception, there are several on the decent with this one pictured above being the largest, a good backdrop for images and a rustic subject all of it’s own. We’ve always wondered how long these places have been left empty to end up in such a state of disrepair, someone’s home at some stage with so much effort going into the build, now just left to the elements.

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Just one example of the type of things you are likely to see overlanding southern Spain.

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