Rusty sunroof on Shogun Sport (99-07)

Rusty sunroof on Shogun Sport (99-07)

Rusty sunroof on Shogun Sport, step by step sunroof removal, rust treatment and refit.

One common problem with older Shogun Sport models (99-07) is a rusty sunroof, you might notice this from the top of the sunroof itself where the black weather seal starts to lift or/and from below when the sunroof is slid back exposing the metal frame from underneath.

Luckily the fix is an easy one but it needs sorting out pretty much immediately before the tin worm gets worse and destroys the frame entirely as it’s only thin metal.

The problem is caused by water finding its way under the weather seal – there is a join in the seal at the back of the sunroof and once water gets in it works its way all the way around which, over time can cause major problems which remain unseen until you take the roof out.

Rusty sunroof on Shogun Sport
Rusty sunroof on Shogun Sport

If you have noticed the weather seal lifting or any signs of rust then the fix goes something like this:

1. To remove the sunroof loosen the three screws on each side, the screws are 3mm allen heads.

2. Lift out the roof (the fit is snug as you would expect) and take it to your work area. Remove the weather seal and get ready to be surprised.

3. Once the seal is removed it’s your usual procedure for rust treatment, grinding/sanding/anti rust and paint.

4. To replace the seal start off at the point where the join originally was and feed the weather seal over the lip – tap the seal into place with a hammer to make sure its tight.

5. If the seal has lifted due to rust the rubber won’t sit flush again so squeeze in some black silicone to fill and make water tight.

6. There will be a small gap at the seal join – get some silicone in here too to prevent further water ingress.

7. Refitting the sunroof is the reverse of removal.

shogun sunroof rust
sunroof rust

You might think that removing the sunroof is complicated involving all sorts or realignment etc but the job is very easy, just make sure the glass goes back in the right way otherwise the holes won’t line up.

As with all rust treatment the key is in the prep so don’t skimp on this bit, all done and your sunroof should be good for many more years come.

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