Shogun Sport 2.5td real life mpg [1999 – 2008 first generation]

hogun 2.5 sport fuel economy

Shogun Sport 2.5td real life mpg [1999 – 2008 first generation]

Shogun Sport 2.5td real life mpg – The number you’ll get and why you might be surprised…

The Shogun Sport 2.5td real life mpg [miles per gallon] is 22.08 which, for an old diesel is not too bad at all. Consider other 4×4 vehicles in the same age range and class and you’ll be struggling to get any better from an old oil burner like this.

How did we work it out?

[numbers based on UK gallons]

This one was a big surprise as we did nothing out of the ordinary, no driving in any ‘eco’ special way, keeping to certain speeds or light acceleration etc in fact we just went about it in a very non ‘technical way’ and recorded the numbers from fill up against mileage covered, there was even the usual amount of offroading in there too.

Now we are not saying that these numbers are accurate but they are a good indicator, they are not scientific and much will depend on what you are carrying, your driving style and how heavy your left foot is.

shogun sport real life mpg
shogun sport real life mpg

The numbers from Mitsubishi say that the Shogun sport 2.5td real life mpg will be 26.5 this is based on 21.6 economy urban and 31.4 extra urban.

We all know though that the realities of car manufacturer fuel economy numbers can be on the generous side compared to real life numbers and there are a mountain of factors affecting what can actually be achieved on the road, the Shogun Sport 2.5 though has come in surprisingly accurate for a 2002 diesel [at least on an urban cycle]

Fuel Tank Capacity74 litres
Power 2.5td115hp / 85kw
mpg urban21.6
mpg extra urban31.4
mpg average26.5

Clearly the above numbers do not take into consideration off roading or any degree of overlanding or low range transmission use!

The Shogun Sport 2.5td real life mpg [miles per gallon] is 22.08 which, for an old diesel is not too bad at all.

If the Shogun was used simply on tarmac then you could squeeze a few more mpg’s out of the old 2.5td, it is also worth noting that we constantly carry 150kg+ of gear with us at any one time plus we have cross bars attached with recovery boards and an awning on the roof – these will have a significant impact particulalry on longer journeys at higher speeds.

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