Shogun Sport Creaking Clutch [inc fix]

Shogun Sport Creaking Clutch

Shogun Sport Creaking Clutch [inc fix]

Shogun sport creaking clutch, the clutch on older vehicles, especially if it has never been replaced can produce a variety of noises in different scenarios. The bottom line is that your clutch should not be making any kind of audible sound at all so something is not quite right.

Our clutch started ‘creaking’ after a 200 mile round trip to Granada and back, normal motorway driving, nothing off road. The next day we decided to record the sound the clutch was making.

Take a listen below, if your Shogun Sport [1st gen] is making a sound like this then the fix ‘may be’ easier and less costly than you think.

The first thing that springs to mind is images of your gearbox out the car, clutch plates and large bills, while this potentially still could be the case at some point there are however other reasons that your clutch can be making a noise like this and we appear to have found one of them.

Clutch release fork boot

The noise was traced to the right side of the engine [looking towards the car, battery side], this is of course where it all happens when it comes to gears and such, you will also find the clutch release fork.

Shogun Sport clutch release fork boot

The easiest way to identify it is by getting someone to press and de-press the clutch and you will be able to see the mechanism working. There is a boot/rubber gaiter over that fork and ours was split letting in dust, dirt and drying everything out – this was what was causing the noise according to the mechanic.

Clutch release fork, access can be difficult from the top


The solution was to spray the boot with silicone lubricant and the problem stopped there and then. The area is in the depths of the engine bay and is difficult to get to but a quick spray did the job for a temporary fix, the boot will have to be replaced [around €27,00 for the rubber boot]

There are no other symptoms, noises etc coming from the clutch now at all, a new boot is on order.

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