Aches & Pains of a 1st generation Shogun/Pajero/Montero Sport

Since taking ownership of what was then a 20 year old Shogun Sport we’ve experienced a few knocks and odd noises as you would expect from a 4×4 of this vintage. The Shogun is a simple vehicle for it’s age, easy to work on however bumps and squeaks are not always easy to identify.

This page details audio and video of some of the issues we’ve experienced with a fix. We are not mechanics and while we do a lot of DIY on the vehicle more complex work is performed by our garage. If you have a knock or a creak happening somewhere then these videos may help [or at least we hope so!]

Check out our early Shogun/Montero/Pajero Sport Buyers Guide >

How to Change Headlights on a Shogun Sport



Diagnosing a suspension and exhaust knock on the back end, intermittent banging depending on the terrain.


Clutch ‘creaking’ sound when pedal de-pressed/lifted, traced to clutch fork boot – [temporary and  inexpensive fix]


A quick video/audio on the 4D56 2.5 diesel engine fitted to the Shogun on start up. How loud is this engine?

If you like to undertake aspects of your Shogun Sport maintenance yourself then you may have noticed that any kind of service manual [such as the Haynes Manual or similar] is very hard to find, luckily we have a list of PDF downloads to make life a bit easier which covers most of what you will need to perform basic and more complex mechanical work on the vehicle.

Check out the Shogun Sport maintenance manual here.

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