Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1 Gear Review

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1 Gear Review

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1 Review

When it comes to molle pouches there is a whole load of choice out there and there are a stack of options on that big online retailer we all know, unfortunately a lot of it is pure rubbish, 2 for €10 isn’t going to get you the highest quality gear. Cheap molle systems have their place, we have a few pouches in our rig for simple storage solutions but for a more durable setup it’s best to pay that bit extra.

When to invest in a good tac pouch:

You need fabric that will last and be durable, you need a pouch that will secure vital equipment, you need functionality and performance in adverse conditions.

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1
Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1

Typical examples would be:

  1. First aid supplies
  2. Fire Kit
  3. Fishing Kit
  4. Survival Kit

On this occasion we were looking for something that would hold everything we needed to create a fire kit and that could easily be stowed away in the Shogun, or taken with us strapped to a backpack if required.

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1

Open up your delivery and you immediately know where that extra money has gone. Tasmanian Tiger have been making quality products since 1980, it comes at a price but like all good things, you get what you pay for. For a small tac pouch the quality is excellent, the fabric strong, thick with secure corded zippers and an overall ‘premium’ feel.

  • Extra wide zipped opening [ideal for fire kit]
  • Flat mesh pockets inside
  • Front compartment with zip
  • Elastic loops
  • Straps to hold additional equipment
  • MOLLE reverse system
  • Size: 15x15x6cm
  • Colours: Black / Brown / Olive / Khaki
  • Fabric: 700den
  • Weight: 140g

There is a lot more than just quality materials, we have to look at design, for a fire kit or any set up that contains small and sometimes awkward items you need inner sleeves, mesh holders outer zipped pockets and elastic loops etc.

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1
Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1
best pouch for fire kit
700 denier fabric
pouches for fire kit
Secure corded zippers

The Tasmanian Tiger pouch 5.1 offers enough flexibility and storing solutions for a mid sized fire kit with no issues whatsoever. Crucially, for this type of application the pouch full opens, the zipper runs all the way around so no tipping out the contents to find what you need – it’s all there, in it’s place and secure.

As the premium supplier of professional military and police equipment, all TASMANIAN TIGER products are made of the very best quality and with the best functionality

Tasmanian Tiger Pouch 5.1

So do we recommend the TT tac pouch 5.1? Yes, absolutely, Tasmanian Tiger gear may be more expensive initially but it actually provides great value – buy right and buy once, TT gear is manufactured to last and you can tell.

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