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Best Sites to Get Accurate Weather Forecasts in Spain

Best Sites to Get Accurate Weather Forecasts in Spain

The best sites to get accurate weather forecasts in Spain:

  • Accuweather
  • Tutiempo
  • Foreca
  • Aemet
  • El Tiempo

The notorious weather, Spain and misconceptions, are weather forecasts in Spain accurate? Well, it’s the weather, nothing is guaranted but there are some websites out there that can just about give us an indication of what the weather will be like on a given day – or not as the case may be.

snow in Granada, spain weather forecasts
snow in Granada

There are many parts of Spain that have a micro climate of their own – The Altiplano de Granada is one such area and having lived here since 2004 we can tell you that any weather forecast you look at online is going to be very hit and miss when it comes to an ‘accurate’ forecast.

There are many parts of Spain that have a micro climate of their own – The Altiplano de Granada is one such area

I have seen the weather forecast change online from bright sunshine to heavy rain an hour after a thundetstorm has passed, temeperature differences variable by five degrees and eighteen inches of snow when none was forecast. Like I said, it’s the weather!

weather forecasts in Spain
digging out the old XJ – it snows in Andalucia

There are five Spanish weather websites that keep coming up – two of which we use ourselves so if you are planning a trip to Spain or a road trip etc then it may be worth checking out our these recommendations below:


Accuweather is one site I used to use regularly but recently the website has changed and to be honest I can’t make head nor tail of it. For quick look at the weather the site is not user friendly at all. When it comes to the weather however, Accuweather was always pretty good so it may be worth looking at the app.


Tutiempo is my Spanish weather website of choice and one that I been using for years as it’s pretty accurate. The website is clear, basic and user friendly. When it comes to accuracy Tutiempo is good however the timing can be very hit and miss, for example if rain is forecast at 3pm it may not rain until a few hours later [or earlier], it will however usually rain if it says it will.


This is one forecast I have personally not used but it has good reviews online from UK expats. The website is clear and easy to use especially the hourly forecast and like all the others it has an app for your phone too. Worth a try.


Aemet is the Spanish met office and is based in Spain unlike many of the others which are US based. The website looks a bit cluttered at first glance but the zoom in feature of your local area is very handy. The app is available on Gogle play and while we’ve used this one in the past we found Tutiempo a marginally better option for our area. Aemet has some of the better reviews from the website on this list.

weather forecasts in Spain
Aemet website – zoom in to your region

El Tiempo

El Tiempo is another Spanish based service and by all accounts pretty accurate, the service has good online reviews although the website was very slow when we visited. The zoom feature is good although not as detailed as Aemet. I have jumped onto El Tiempo in the past and found it more or less accurate offering a simliar forecast to Aemet and Tutiempo.


So there we have it, five of the better weather forecasts in Spain services to be found online. Over the years we have found the weather to be generally correct although we tend to forget about the hourly forecast as that [where we are] is always inaccurate.

wetaher in spain reliability
misty mountains [Sierra Cazorla, Jaen]

Our preferred site is Tutiempo but in all honesty it won’t matter which you refer to, checking two or three offers a broader view of what the weather is doing, ultimately, being outside and reading the weather yourelf is the most accurate for a short term forecast!


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