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What is a Mirador in Spain? [and are they worth visiting?]

What is a Mirador in Spain? [and are they worth visiting?]

A mirador in Spain translates as a lookout point although they are also called observation decks, generally a mirador is situated in an elevated position in a mountainous location in Spain.

In this post we talk about what a mirador actually is in Spain, where they can be found, the best way to seek them out and how to actually get to them.

What is a mirador?

What is a mirador in Spain? You may have seen signs for them out and about on your travels or if you’ve been planning a route or looking at Google maps then you may have noticed them there too. A mirador always has a name ie: ‘mirador de …..’

A mirador is a lookout point, sometimes called an observation deck and they can be found dotted all over the Spanish countryside. Usually set in rural locations [although not always] you will find them in elevated positions overlooking lakes and reservoirs, mountain ranges and woodland.

what is a mirador in spain
getting a better view of things…

Miradores also vary, just because it’s on the map does not mean it’s going to be a worthwhile visit – some are simply vantage points with an information board and nothing more while some have facilities and even activities such as paragliding given their location.

what is a mirador in spain
mirardor over lake Bolera [Jaén]

It can be hit and miss whether you find a good one or not, by far the best place to begin is Google maps where you will find reviews and images on these locations, our best advice is to work them into your trip, don’t go specifically to that location but rather as a quick coffee stop and if it turms out to be a corker then stay longer.

How accessible are they?

Most miradores are accesible by car and certainly 4×4, locations vary greatly and while some may be accessed through a short, easy woodland trip of no further than a mile others can be a 10k round trip down dusty dirt track. Some locations will need a 4×4 so it pays to plan ahead and look at the reviews others have left.

Are they worth going to?

Yes, miradores are always worth checking out – one thing is always guaranteed and that is a great view given the nature of their location. Some of these locations will have nothing besides a sun bleached sign while others may boast a building, lookout tower or even recreation area.

You are right in the middle of nature, choose a none windy day and you can almost hear the silence. It’s brilliant.

Given their remote locations some miradores have sadly been left to the elements, it does not take nature long to start breaking down wooden walkways and signage, it’s a real pity as clearly money was spent once on making these lookout points suitable to attract tourists but have ultimately been neglected.

spanish mirardor
mirador in Almeria, simple set up and stunnng views

Not all suffer from the elements however and are pretty well maintained making them a worthwhile place to stop. The one thing that you will no doubt notice when you arrive at a mirador is the peace and quiet. You are right in the middle of nature, choose a none windy day and you can almost hear the silence. It’s brilliant.

How do I find a mirador in Spain?

Google maps is your friend… The best way is plan your route and take note of the miradores on the way, there are guaranteed to be quite a few.

how to find miradores in spain
overlooking the Altiplano de Granada

Google maps not only gives you the location but also reviews, now reviews are always something that I take with a pinch of salt but a well written, unbiased review does go a long way especially if it is accompanied by decent images. It is the latter that offers a better indication as to whether the mirador is worth a short detour or not.

across the water [Jaen]

Overall, if it’s on the way, looks good online and isn’t too much of a detour then we stop by to check them out, some are good, many are just okay but every now and then you come across a real gem.


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