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Whittling to Relax – Headspace Outdoors and Mindfulness

Whittling to Relax – Headspace Outdoors and Mindfulness

Wood whittling to relax, a hobby I recently started that has found me sitting in the workshop for more time than I thought…

Why I bought a wood whittling kit

I’ve been watching a lot of bushcraft videos recently to pick up some tips and tricks for outdoor survival and living off the land, that type of thing. Wood whittling came up and I liked the look of it, sitting outdoors parked up in woodland with the kettle on and whittling away at something had great appeal.

Whittling to Relax
Beavercraft set [limited edition]

After the hiccup in April in 2022 I was also looking for something to concentrate on, a bit of brain training if you like and something that would help me relax and get my headspace right.

Whittling to relax – when & where

Whittling to relax is just that, or at least that is the way I approach it. Providing you’re not going to make an unwanted mess with your shavings you can start whittling anywhere. For me I sit down in the workshop and usually spend way more time than I intended, you see wood whittling is kind of addictive.

I sit down in the workshop and usually spend way more time than I intended

I also like to get the knives out when we’re out and about. A stop for any length of tme on a day trip and of course if we’re wild camping then it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and have something to concentrate on as well as chill you out.

Does it matter what you make?

No. I’m not a spoon guy which is the most popular thing to make but it does not matter what you make. Similarly to overlanding where it’s all about the journey, with wood whittling it’s all about the process, taking away from something to create. It’s a hobby without limits as far as creation is concerned, make what you like.

Beavercraft carving tools
Beavercraft carving tools

I have no problem in saying that my creations thus far have been, well, underwhelming. Wood whittling is something to be worked on, to improve your skills over time and become confident in what you create, at the moment I am still finding my feet.

For me though, it is the process more than anything which helps the most, tools are sharp and you need to concentrate but there is something tremendously relaxing about the process at the same time – especially when you’re out in nature.

Whittling to Relax
wood shavings can cause a mess!

At the moment there are times when I need to disconnect, I think we all do and wood whittling is just one thing that helps me do that. Get immersed in what you are creating and all those thoughts that weigh you down tend to go away, it really is a great hobby nor does it need to be expensive.

Beavercraft are a Ukranian company and make very good knives that don’t cost the earth, they are great for starting the hobby. You’ll need an axe and a decent knife too which, if you’re overlanding you’ll probably already have so for under €50,00 euros you can get going and discover the relaxing art of wood whitting.

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