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Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor Review – Worth the Money?

Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor Review – Worth the Money?

Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor is a compact unit with an inflation pressure range of 3 – 150 psi

The Xiaomi 1S portable air compressor is the kind of product you could go to town with detailing all the facts and figures, fine points and tech stuff [think 45.4% air flow increases and stuff like that]. In this post however we’ll be looking at how it works, if it’s worth the money and if it’s worth keeping in the 4×4 to get you out of a pickle if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself with a flat/deflated spare or suchlike.

The first thing to know about the Xiaomi 1S is that it is a compact unit, heavy for it’s size but compact in the shape of a brick, it should fit in even the less generous of storage spaces in the back of the vehicle. Size however is not the only thing that is good about this compressor.

Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor
Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor

The Xiaomi 1S supports up to 150psi, not that you’re going to go anywhere near that of course. The accuracy is also impressive for a unit of this size with Xiaomi stating +/- 1 psi which isn’t bad given the size and simplicity of the unit, this is also much better than the +/- 2 psi of the previous model. [In practice I have found the pressure accuracy -1 psi]. You also get overpressure protection so your BF Goodies don’t end up like giant donuts.

Dimensions121 x 71 x 45 [mm]
Inflation pressure range3 – 150 psi
Battery capacity14.8wh
Charging portType C
Charging time>3 hours
Operating temperature-10 to +45 C

Using the Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor

The compressor is pretty basic which is just as well as the instructions were printed in the smallest text I have ever seen, as such I had to experiment with the S1 and find my way by trial and error, no doubt you will too.

The air hose is held neatly in place at the top making it look like a giant padlock, when the hose is put back after use it also turns the compressor off which is handy, You have a light on the compressor in case it needs to be used at night – a sensible addition in case the torch/flashlight charge or batteries have gone on you. The hose is also easily attached to the tyre valve [a presta valve adaptor is also included for bikes etc] however I did find that more often than not the display ended up facing inwards towards the wheel, not a big deal but worth a mention.

Xiaomi 1S Portable Air Compressor
Xiaomi 1S digital readout

So how does it perform? Well, I have only ever used the S1 for topping up the air pressure on my tyres – both on the Shogun and Ford Capri and I have to say that it did the job well, very well in fact. I was actually surprised at how quickly this unit inflated from 25 – 32 psi.

When fully charged, the device can inflate approximately two, 205/55 R16 car tires to 2.5 bar pressure from 0 bar pressure.

Xiaomi claim that the S1 can inflate two car tyres from flat providing it is fully charged, while I have not tried this I can see it being perfectly possible althoughone slight concern I would have is overheating as the compressor does get kind of warm.

Who’s it for?

The Xiaomi 1S portable air compressor is for anyone with a vehicle, gear like this should be part and parcel of a toolkit in the back of the car, there is nothing worse than getting a flat then realising your spare only has 2psi of pressure [yeah, it’s happened]. The compressor is also great for anyone with a bike and for that matter a football too.

When it comes to vehicles though the S1 makes a sensibe addition to your tools. For overlanding we used to carry a standard double barrel footpump – until it broke. I love old skool but at the same price as a decent pump and at half the size [and way more convenient to stow away] I went with the USB charging instead.

For airing up on the trail then forget it, the S1 simply won’t cut it, this unit is for emergencies, for topping up or helping out someone else who may be unforunate to have picked up a flat.

Worth the money?

We think so, yes. At €50,00 [ish] online and the kind of product that usually gets a whopper deal on Black Friday we say pick one up if you can. The only thing we can’t vouch for here is longevity, we’ve had the S1 for a month and have had it in use across eight tyres [none of which are small]. It works well and for the frequency it will be used for such as emergencies and checking pressures we can see us getting our money’s worth.


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