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Overlanding Spain, exploration and camping through Andalucia, learning from nature and tackling health recovery using the outdoors


Budget overlanding, getting started with a minimalistic set up and budget 4×4, how we do it and how the vision has progressed


A reason to write, we began this site to share our stories with family & friends, it is now a resource for likeminded overlanders


Our mission is to inspire families to discover their adventurous side and get outdoors. This site was created to share our story and also provide resources on camping and overlanding within Spain providing tips, advice and tutorials all related to 4×4 camping on a budget.

the shogun project

Building the adventure

Find out why we chose a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport for our first overlanding project…

They say the best 4×4 for overlanding is the one you already have – that is if you have one! Our choice of vehicle had to be budget friendly as well as more than capable off road and as a daily driver. 

In 2020 after relentless searching we finaly imported our Mitsubishi from the UK to Spain and the project came alive.

Find out why we imported, the process of registration and the beginnings of our overland build, we detail everything from the big jobs to the smallest with budget in mind and main goal of acheiving functionality and simply getting out there!

Spanish Rural Areas Ruined by Human Waste [Andalucia]

Spanish Rural Areas Ruined by Human Waste [Andalucia]

Spanish rural areas ruined by human waste - a complete disregard for the environment and the ability for others to enjoy it... You plan your trip by diving into Google…

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How We Prepare for an Overland Day Trip [in 7 steps]

How We Prepare for an Overland Day Trip [in 7 steps]

How we prepare for an overland day trip from shopping and packing to giving the rig the once over. Destination and route planningPre trip shoppingPacking the 4x4Gear checklistChecking fluids and…

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Natural Fatwood – A Fire Starter Designed by Nature

Natural Fatwood – A Fire Starter Designed by Nature

Natural Fatwood is a product that results from damage to a tree, the resin or pitch hardens and seals off the damaged area preventing further damage and moisture ingress. Collecting…

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Overland Cooking with Firewood [no more gas]

Overland Cooking with Firewood [no more gas]

Overland Cooking with Firewood Overland cooking with firewood is a more natural and earth friendly solution compared to gas, think camping or outdoor cooking and gas may spring to mind…

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Overlanding Spain

mountains & campo

Join us out and about in rural Spain discovering stunning locations and enjoying family time in the great outdoors.

Its’s no secret that camping these days is not as easy as it used to be, there are more and more restrictions but hey, life is for living and we think that enjoying the freedom of being outdoors should be something for everyone.

about us

Where it all began

We’re Mac and Gayle, and if you’re like us you can’t wait to get out and enjoy the outdoors at every opportunity you get.

In 2004 we packed up everything in the UK and moved to Andalucia [Granada] to renovate a cave house – living out of a caravan with our then 2 year old son while we did it was the first part of the adventure! Nowadays you can find us in a small corner of the Altiplano de Granada adapting our warehouse for full time living (we never like conventional buildings!), a base from which we travel and budget overland across Spain ‘poco a poco’…


We regularly update our video channel with latest trips, product close ups, life in Spain, Shogun build and more.

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For regular videos covering short overland trips, Mitsubishi Shogun related bits and product reviews. Nothing serious, we just do it because we like to 🙂

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Overlanding and discovering Spain

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Are you overlanding / family camping anywhere in Spain? Overlanding Andalucia or the Granada region? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!